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Comment: Re:Where do I buy it? (Score 1) 173

by 777a (#28630131) Attached to: New RTS Based on DotA Offers Native Linux Client

I was a huge fan of Savage 2 for quite a few months.

The game itself was pretty sweet, and when they added full voice chat (previously only the commander could chat, and the chat was often buggy) the game just got better.

S2 Games makes good stuff, supports open source (Savage 1 source was released after Savage 2 came out, and the community updated the game quite a bit), and make good games.

They have really, really sucky marketing though, so expect to hear about the game on geek friendly sites like slashdot, but if it's anything like there previous games, the player base will be a few hundred players.

On the plus side, a large percentage of those players would be able to make UI interfaces, maps, and the usual stuff that normal players can't.

The Internet

+ - Puzzling Wikipedia edits on wrestler's murder->

Submitted by glesga_kiss
glesga_kiss (596639) writes "An interesting article on wikinews points to edits of WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit's page on wikipedia suggesting foreknowledge of the murder. Edits from an IP in Connecticut, later followed by one from a wifi provider in Australia state that he cancelled an engagement due to the death of his wife. These were posted 13 hours prior to the polices discovery of the bodies after concerned family members asked the police to check up on him after erratic behaviour. A member of the Wikimedia Foundation has suggested that the IP address quite likely belongs to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut."
Link to Original Source
Data Storage

+ - Lockheed Martin to run UK census?

Submitted by jimkillock
jimkillock (891287) writes "Lockheed Martin are bidding for the UK's census data collection, according to the New Statesman. Following disruption of the census in Canada, also run by Lockheed Martin, the story raises questions about public confidence over digital data storage, especially when public servants use private contractors. In this case the background of the company as a firm involved in mass surveillance and interrogation could undermine public confidence in the census, the data from which is used exptensively in formation of government policy."

Most public domain software is free, at least at first glance.