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Comment: Fun, But Useless (Score 1) 21 21

This is a fun device that can show you what can be done with 3D printed plastic. That said, it's useless. It would be really cool if I could apply 1 pound of force to the crank, turn it a Million times, and have it apply a Million pounds of rotational force at the other end. But it's made of plastic, so it won't do that. Indeed, the fast-rotating parts would wear out before the slow-rotating part made a single turn. So it's not even good as a kind of clock.

All that said, it's a good conversation piece, and probably worth the price for that.

Comment: Re:About time too (Score 1) 29 29

The prospect of wave energy - which is far less intrusive than wind power - is very attractive

The upside of wave power is that water is relatively dense, and thus moving water carries a lot of energy in a small volume. The downside is maintenance costs... they don't call water the "universal solvent" for nothing, and salt water in particular tends to eat anything you leave in contact with it for very long.

Comment: Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 134 134

So, I'm all for grow local, but when there's sun shining right outside - this doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me... unless you are a company that sells grow lights.

Very true... it's hard to compete with a fertile field in a nice climate, if you have access to one. I'm surprised nobody has pointed out the obvious applications in locations where viable outdoor environments aren't available, though -- e.g. in space, or on Mars.

Comment: VC shouldn't run companies. (Score 2) 342 342

Knowing how to suck up to people who are throwing other people's money around hoping something sticks is a very different skill set from running a business. Ellen Pao was never qualified to run a taco stand, much less a high-traffic web site.

The best thing Reddit could do is can her incompetent ass TODAY, and hire someone qualified to lead them to profitability.


Comment: Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 4, Insightful) 342 342

They've also completely failed to consider that just as quickly a one website may rise to prominence, another may equally quickly supplant it. Look at Facebook replacing MySpace for example.

Wouldn't a more relevant example of this be Reddit replacing Digg?

Comment: Re:Why nobody cares about Zune (Score 1) 276 276

Bluetooth headphones seem to either be wicked uncomfortable (plantronic backbeats) or exquisitely sensitive to sweat (Motorola). So it's nice being able to listen to music over corded headphones, and still have the smartphone available to do whatever in between sets.

I don't know about your phone, but every decent smartphone I've ever seen has a standard 1/4" headphone jack. It doesn't keep you from doing other things with the phone.

Also the mp3 player just fucking 'works' on demand. Spotify seems to crash about 50% of the time and requires a reboot of the phone.

Every decent phone I've seen lets you just put MP3s on it (or even Oggs with Android phones) and play them directly.

Also having the headphone jack come out, then having my phone broadcast my horrible taste of music over its speaker after accidentally touching the screen/volume buttons -- was embarrassing enough to ensure it happened just once :)

Ok now this is definitely something I don't know how to fix on a smartphone...

Comment: Re:"Harbinger of Failure" = Hipsters? (Score 1) 276 276

It might not be about the electronics, but the things you talk about sound like really low-value products. The special thing about electronics is that they're high-value; maybe not as much as in the 80s when a VCR cost $1000 (a large fraction of the price of a car back then), but still usually a lot more than a stick of deodorant.

And TV shows don't get canceled because of lack of popularity, but because of idiotic network executives. It's not like they actually poll viewers to see what's popular (how many Nielsen families do you know?), especially in an age when people use DVRs, Hulu, and Netflix.

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 414 414

I don't know about other KDE users, but I've never "hacked around with settings all day"; I've spent maybe 10-20 minutes hacking around with different settings, trying things out, and after that I've just left them that way for ages, because at that point I'm happy with them.

So instead of spending less than a half hour to play around with settings in KDE, you want me to write my own shell program so I can use Windows??? Are you fucking nuts?

I don't have to do any programming to use KDE and change it around to my liking. This is supposed to be a plus for Windows?

You sound like all the idiotic Gnome sycophants: "if you don't like the default Gnome settings, just write an extension! And when they break the API in the next release, just recode your extension for it!"

Comment: Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 1) 361 361

Did you just argue that preventing States from letting gay people get married is expanding the State and "screwing" liberty, justice and freedom?

Generally speaking, when SCOTUS says "No, you can't pass laws preventing consenting adults from doing X", it's defending freedom, not restricting it. Unless your concern is the freedom of State governments, in which case we, the people, don't give a shit. The States exist to serve us, not vice versa.

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