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Comment Re:G27 price dip (Score 1) 67

Ugh, give me a shifter that actually grinds if you screw up the clutch. As it is, it'll let you go to neutral without clutching, but then you can't get back into gear without clutching with no feedback at all--the lever still moves into gear. So you think you're in gear, but you're not. Once you realize that, your forebrain is fully into figuring out this thing, and good luck making up that time.

Comment Re:Bring back 19.34b (Score 1) 156

Yes, how hard can it possibly be to get millions of lines of code written over a span of decades by thousands of authors to interoperate close enough to flawlessly to parse some simple text in hundreds of grammars through the use of a couple dozen basic operations executed billions of times a second? Geez.

Whenever a computer problem arises, the first thing to remember is that it's not strange that it doesn't work.

Comment Re:Throwing out all compatibility hooks makes it e (Score 1) 164

Why is your security code depending on undefined behavior? And why would you port to other architectures to serve as canaries for the architecture you're presumably running on? How about a test suite instead? Do you you tie your shoes in the morning, or do you have an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine try to will them onto your feet?

Comment Re:Great timing! (Score 1) 41

Maybe you should have checked those limits more closely. Class 2 are the ones that are blink-safe (if you're the trusting sort), limited to 1mW. Class 3 is 5mW, and the description of that is, to paraphrase; Hey, be careful, this shit can blind you before you can blink.

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