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Comment: Re:Soo...verified? (Score 2) 218

by 192_kbps (#45558229) Attached to: Unpublished J. D. Salinger Stories Leaked On Bittorrent Site
From CNN:

So, could this be legit? Los Angeles Times book critic David L. Ulin says yes.

"I've never read "The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls": It's part of a collection of Salinger material at the Princeton University library and available only to scholars who are supervised as they read," he said in the online edition of the paper. "I have read the other two stories, however, at the University of Texas' Ransom Center, and the versions of them in 'Three Stories' are the real deal."

Another affirmation comes from Salinger scholar Kenneth Slawenski, author of "J.D. Salinger: A Life," who talked with BuzzFeed.

"While I do quibble with the ethics (or lack of ethics) in posting the Salinger stories, they look to be true transcripts of the originals and match my own copies," Slawenski told BuzzFeed in an e-mail.

Princeton had it's own theories on how the stories could have made it to the public.

"The story is probably an unauthorized version transcribed longhand in our reading room," said Martin Mbugua, a Princeton spokesman. "It's also possible that it came from photocopies of the typescript probably made before the mid-1980s when we decided that we would no longer allow photo-duplication for any work by Salinger."

+ - Unpublished J. D. Salinger Stories Leaked On Bittorrent Site 1

Submitted by 192_kbps
192_kbps (601500) writes "Catcher in the Rye author J. D. Salinger wrote the short story "The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls" and left depository copies with a few academic libraries with the understanding that the work would not see mass distribution until the mid-21st century. The only authorized place to read the story is in a special reading room at Princeton where electronics are not allowed and a librarian continuously babysits the reader. A pdf of the story as well as two other unpublished stories appeared on private bittorrent site where a huge bounty had been placed for the work. Incredibly, the uploader (or someone connected to the uploader) bought an unauthorized copy on ebay for a pittance. The file, Three Stories, is making the bittorrent rounds but can also be read on mediafire."

+ - Disabled Woman Denied Entrance to USA Due to Private Medical Records-> 4

Submitted by Jah-Wren Ryel
Jah-Wren Ryel (80510) writes "The latest from the front lines in the War on Dignity:

In 2012, Canadian Ellen Richardson was hospitalized for clinical depression. This past Monday she tried to board a plane to New York for a $6,000 Caribbean cruise. DHS denied her entry, citing supposedly private medical records listing her hospitalization."

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+ - Amateur Builds Telescope With 70 Inch Primary Mirror

Submitted by 192_kbps
192_kbps (601500) writes ""Mike Clements, a long-haul trucker from West Jordan, Utah, built the largest amateur telescope ever with a whopping 70 inch primary mirror he purchased at auction. The entire telescope is 35 feet tall, 900 pounds, and he hopes to tour it in parks. As a hand-turned Dobsonian the telelscope lacks the photographic capacity and tracking required for professional astronomy but the views must be breathtaking.""

+ - Pardon Snowden Whitehouse Petition could set record

Submitted by InPursuitOfTruth
InPursuitOfTruth (2676955) writes "The Whitehouse petitition requesting that Edward Snowden be pardoned not only surpassed the 100,000 signatures last weekend required to solicit a response from the Whitehouse that is pursuing him as he travels the globe with criminal charges for leaking of NSA documents revealing the widespread scope of domestic surveillance in the US, but if it keeps going, it could set the record for the Whitehouse petition with the most number of signatures, currently 366,000. Todays' /. poll shows those who think Snowden is a hero (spoiler coming) beating those who think he's a villain by 8 to 1."

+ - study abroad program in South East Asia->

Submitted by Jmarney
Jmarney (2965781) writes "The practices in transferring credits vary from country to country. In some countries universities may be more flexible about transferring credits than in others. Students are advised to ask their possible home institutions about the requirements and practices regarding credit transfer for studies completed abroad."
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+ - Walking Dead TV Show->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Walking Dead TV is for all the true fans of the show. Watch the Walking Dead episodes online. Learn more about the Walking Dead characters, Walking Dead comics and the news on the next season."
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+ - American Bankers Association Claims Copyright On Bank Routing Numbers 1

Submitted by 192_kbps
192_kbps (601500) writes "Greg Thatcher's website publishes bank routing numbers, the nine-digit numbers appearing at the bottom of US checks identifying the issuing bank. The American Bankers Association's lawyers issued a takedown notice, on follow-up claiming "These advances in the ABA Routing Number were the result of significant effort and creativity by the ABA." Techdirt has an analysis, and a petition supporting Thatcher has been created."

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