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Comment Why Version Control is Important (Score 4, Insightful) 285

Back in the 80's, I was working on a project with three other programmers. Nobody had heard of version control back then; we were using VAX/VMS and it would keep a few versions of a file around after you changed it, which seemed good enough (after all, we all trusted each other, right?)

Well, I don't remember the exact bug(s), but one day I fixed something, and tested it. Fine. A few days later the bug came back. So I went back, fixed it again (wait, didn't I already make this change?). A few days later it came back again.

It turned out that one of the other guys had fixed a different bug, which I had introduced with my fix. So, his fix was to change the code back the way it was. We went back and forth a few times un-doing each others' changes before we realized what was going on. Seeing a revision log with comments on the changes might have helped...

Comment Re:Today's computer science corriculum is practica (Score 2) 154

Nowadays, anything that specific that you don't know, you just google it. I have a master's degree in CS and 30 years experience, don't have a clue what that subnet mask thingy does either, but I can find out in five minutes. Maybe your problem is you're hiring dumb people?

Comment Re:I want the same question answered clearly (Score 1) 313

You can get a Tracphone flip phone from Walmart for $15, and service for $10/month (50 minutes). If you don't like it, well, you haven't even reached the one-month unlimited charge for most providers and you can start over. Not the best network (AT&T) but it'll work in cities and along major highways.

Comment 20,000 hands against each player? (Score 0) 65

Let's see, over two days that's about 400 hands per hour, or one hand every 8.5 seconds, assuming the players take no breaks for sleeping, eating, etc. Yet they still trounced the computer, and it's claiming "no statistical significance"? I think this is one of the greatest achievements of man versus machine in history!

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