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There has never been a case of this causing a single problem anywhere.


So what is this horrifying stuff-which be as much as four feet thick-and why did it begin appearing? The Minnesota research team is focusing on changes in the microbial content of pig shit as the cause. Minnesota Daily reports that the researchers hypothesize that a "new set of [bacteria] species" has developed in manure pits in the last few years. One possible catalyst: The practice of feeding pigs distillers grains, the spent mash left over from turning corn into ethanol. Distillers grains came roaring into feed rations in the mid-2000s as corn prices surged, pushed up by the federal government's escalating corn-ethanol mandates.

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I maintain a system that, in theory, uses this component model to store and search documents. Third-party software is used to index, ocr, open archives and emails, extract different formats, display search results and the docs themselves, etc. In theory these are all solid products from established vendors that should function well. In practice, though, each component has its little flaws and end case problems, and always in different situations. As a result, the system is massively unreliable and requires constant attention to keep it from collapsing -the failure rates of the components are additive, and it adds up to a lot. The best news I've heard this year is that it's being discontinued.

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Techies have always been strange - for example, consider the average /. reader. Or Richard Stallman.

Another great example of an outlier is the so-called "Spam King", Dale Begg-Smith, who, when not making millions off spam and malware, won two Olympic medals and three World Cup championships in mogul skiing, starting in 2006. If that isn't a bizarre combination of pursuits, I don't know what is.

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Because they hate the EPA and are using this as a pretense to neuter it. There's no way they can provide "reproducible" results to back up many of their rulings - what are they going to do, run a study with one polluted river and one clean one? This is clearly just a smokescreen by the know-nothings on the right, since they have no regard for science otherwise. Fortunately the House can't unilaterally pass legislation - sorry, guys, maybe next week you can repeal the ACA for the fiftieth time instead.

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Back around 1980, there were a zillion magazine and newspaper articles around about the shortage of programmers, and about how computer science was the highest-paying thing to go into. The result was a boom in CS enrollment, followed by a glut of incompetent entry-level programmers who really wanted to be rafting guides or something. Once the dust settled there was still somewhat of a shortage, and salaries remained high despite all the telephone-sanitizers who tried to become programmers.

This all has a familiar feel to it.... What the big companies really want right now is cheap programmers, not more programmers. They're clearly hoping that increasing supply will lower their labor costs, whether it's by pushing the "year of code" or by increasing HB-1 visas.

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