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Comment: Single component failure not a big deal any more. (Score 5, Informative) 172

by 12dec0de (#43993051) Attached to: SSDs: The New King of the Data Center?

I think that the wide range adoption of server SSDs also shows how far server installations have progressed toward eliminating all single points of failure.

In the passt HA and 'five nines' was something only done by a few niches, like telephony provider switches or banking big iron. Today it is common in many cloud installations and most sizeable server setups. A single component failing will not stop your service.

If your business can support the extra cost for the SSDs, a failing drive will not stop you and the performance of the service will see great improvements anyway. The power savings may even make the SSD not so costly after all.

Comment: Knowing the right channel (Score 1) 247

First of, I hold the idea, that the list was sold, very likely. They will never admit to that. You might want to check their privacy statement and take actions according to that (see post by nemesisrocks).

But for a self confessed geek with his/her own email domain, the OP shows shows an alarming lack of knowing the proper channels.

This is a problem with email, so maybe the OP should have send a mail to '' or even ''. Not place something on the facebook page, that only gets read by some marketing drone.

Don't you guys ever read the RFCs that are relevant for you?

Comment: Re:Mandarin Chinese (Score 2) 514

by 12dec0de (#42335903) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: 2nd Spoken/Written Language For Software Developer?

Communication is challenging because Chinese and English are completely different. Why do we expect him to do a better job learning Chinese than the Chinese developers did of learning English, even though they had a lot more incentive to do so?

The point you are missing, is the respect you get for respecting the other guys culture. Learning a language, especially one as far apart from English as Mandarin, is getting to know a foreign culture. Also you get to understand the structure of your own language much better.

A high percentage of americans, in my experience, suffer from a very narrow minded view on culture. Not from caracter or personality, but from lack of exposure.

So he should either go for

- Mandarin for demograhpic reasons. I am finding more an more C.S. research papers, where only the abstract is in English (my 2nd Lang.) and the rest is in Mandarin.
- Korean if you are gamer ;-)
- Japanese if you are into all that budo stuff.

I would stay away from Hindi or Urdu. It is my understanding, that speaking english in India is considered cultured, but my original point about culture would probably still hold. Mandarin, btw, used to be the language of cultured people all through indo-china as well (dont know about now), as was French in Germany and German in Russia at one time in the past.

Comment: Re:Concern (Score 1) 822

by 12dec0de (#36288958) Attached to: Germany To End Nuclear Power By 2022

Thank you for listing more reasons to use not to use either fosil nor nuclear fuels.

I live within a tidal zone that is feeling the climate change right now. We have had higher and higher storm tides for the last 100 years. Blasting GHGs into the athmosphere does not make it better.

Pointing at Centralia as an argument in favor of using nuclear power is Insanity.

Comment: Re:Concern (Score -1) 822

by 12dec0de (#36286410) Attached to: Germany To End Nuclear Power By 2022

Well, Gas and Coal (which are not the intended replacements) at least don't remain a deadly menace for ten times longer than man has walked this planet until now. And on the matter of greenhouse gas emissions: Germany did sign the Kyoto Accord and at least is in roughly the right region to fullfill what it promised. Other major industrial nations did neither sign, nor even have a plan on what to do.

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