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Comment Re:Low contrast, WTF?! (Score 1) 206

Amen. That site nails the reason why, too - designers who value visual aesthetics over legibility.

I understand why it happens - a contrasting font draws one's eye to the text, allowing the content, rather than the visual design to be the dominant feature on the page - and I'd imagine that's pretty hardwired into our visual perception. So the designer, knowing that he will win no design awards if the judges are distracted from the design by all of that contrasting text, chooses crappy, low-contrast designs. This is another reason why designers (UX and otherwise), in general, are a menace. They are the reason the "UX" across so many sites is sooooo wonderful.

Comment Make it symmetric and I'll consider it (Score 1) 253

I live in a blessed neighborhood that has both FIOS and Comcast, so I can credibly threaten to switch. I almost went for Comcast recently; they offered me

105 Mb down + basic cable + phone

for the same price as Verizon's

50 Mb down + basic cable + phone

The deal-breaker was Comcast's up speed is 10 or 20 Mb, and Verizon's is 50 Mb. Not in this age of video calling and torrenting, thankyouverymuch.

Comcast's infrastructure is still apparently fundamentally biased toward broadcast. Verizon at least understands communication should be two-way.

Comment Re:Compile to JS vs WebASM (Score 1) 94

What's kind of funny is the web is slowly slouching towards a dubious re-inventing of the past 50 years of computing without bothering to learn anything about the old mistakes.

And this has been true of every technology change - from hardwired to microcoded computers to IC-based machines to microcomputes to SoCs, from mainframes to minis to workstations to PC's to phones and tablets, from Lisp to Scheme to Clojure, from Algol to Simula to Java, from standalone programs to client-server to web to Web x.y. The only surprising thing is that we continue to be surprised by this. The barbarians are always at the gate waiting for the next technological advances to release their supposed ignorance. But who's the bigger fool? The barbarian, or the one who doesn't acquiesce? We can see where the future lies. Make your bed for you must lie in it.

The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing and to watch someone else doing it wrong, without commenting. -- T.H. White