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Comment Re:Deja Voo of the Pentium 5 FDIV bug (Score 1) 122

did you see the price tag of those HP or Compaq desktops? (Big) Businesses (of the 90s) don't do clones.

And even if it meant we had some PhD billing us at $500 an hour, you can bet since he was a consultant he had the 386sx16, and maybe after a few months of begging we got him a 387sx. Pentium??? LOL

Comment Re:Contracting vs Gig (Score 1) 169

when you are independant in the usa, you have higher taxes, and you are required to buy the expensive insurances that employees dont need to carry, like business insurance, data insurance etc. Not to mention you'll need to do your own payroll, more accounting work, it's a real pain in the ass.

it makes me glad to be an offshore outsourcer as I can undercut and I don't have any 'affordable care' nonsense.

the real solution is working remotely, and working in asia.

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