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Comment Re:AT&T is not reputable (Score 3, Interesting) 124

Having worked with many telcos world wide, they all suck. The only thing I found 'good' about ATT was that they could organize dedicated circuits around the world if you wanted to bypass the internet. And I thought we were getting a nice deal, but now I see we were being steered into a special collection bucket that we have the privilege for paying for.

Comment bollocks (Score 1) 46

for someone 'easy to contact' they sure have been absent from the commodore scene, absent from the fans, absent from the planet earth when this phone was announced.

Commodore should be public by now, it's old hat tech. And thanks to AROS and WinUAE it's already supplanted in the free world, and honestly done much better.

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Journal Journal: 10 years later

and here we are. CPUs got fasters, GPU's became affordable, disks got bigger, liquid cooled on the desk, and we now have 8 core 64bit computers we carry around in our pockets.

Not so revolutionary but interesting evolutionary.

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