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Comment Re:Still in use... (Score 1) 617 617

The OS/2 nuns was without a doubt the dumbest thing in advertising. But the thing was, Windows NT 4.0 had shipped by the time OS/2 4.0 came out, and Win32 was finally gaining traction thanks to Windows 95. OS/2's Windows 3.1+Win32s finally wasn't good enough.

But in retrospect IBM fucked OS/2 up beyond recognition with their SAA bullshit that made PM backwards from the way everything else worked, and how they did their best to block MS from putting Windows on top of OS/2, not to mention insisting on targeting the 80286 from the getgo, when Windows/386 was a thing back in 1987!

Instead of waiting for Windows 95 on the desktop we could have had Windows on OS/2 32bit in the late 80's. IBM held us all back, and finally when MS jumped off the bear, they ended up taking too long to move off DOS + Windows. Oh well, at least they got the VMS team and gave us NT. OS/2 was too much of a MS-DOS thing with it's out of control config.sys.

Comment Re:title because I need a title (Score 1) 617 617

I hope you virtualize this system... I've had a few gigs rescuing dead Netware machines, and it's never pretty trying to recover data, but migrations on the otherhand are a breeze!

Check out running Netware in vmware, put it on ESXi, get it on real hardware from this decade... do it while you have access to the working machine, otherwise things like your server.exe will be difficult to recover.. Not to mention you clearly have some server program on top of netware (god help you), recoving things like Oracle on Netware in raw partitions will be beyond a nightmare.

Comment Re:Legacy system based on Fox DB (Score 1) 617 617

This is what you need.


I've used this on some ancient xbase program that programmed 8085 controllers, and I got the xbase part of it running in no time. I ended up using dosbox and some batch files to run the 8085 assembler, and it's basically all runnable on Win64 now.

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