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by Phrogman (#46502635) Attached to: <em>Sons of Anarchy</em> Creator On Google Copyright Anarchy

Ah this "no-value-added middleman" is the guy who created the show, researched it, wrote it, his wife is one of the main characters and he acts in it as well. He is by no stretch a "middleman". I am not saying I agree with him - haven't read the article yet even - but he definitely on the creator side of things.

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by Phrogman (#46333865) Attached to: NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse

I agree, although I also think there is a strong element of "not on my watch" covering of the ass. No one in the West wants to be held responsible for the next 9/11, so gathering *all* the information on everyone seems a prudent exercise to prevent being blamed because *you* didn't do something to prevent it, no matter how flagrant a breach of the public trust, laws, etc.

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Yes you are. Sure makes sense in that light doesn't it? :P

Rights holders won't have to worry about the effects of piracy when they offer a means of consuming media that is as userfriendly as torrenting that media is, or better. The technology exists, all they need to do is sell it to us at a reasonable rate.

Netflix is the wave of the future. Cable TV and all the other rental services that want to sell me media for consumption at 10x the rate of Netflix are doomed to failure, unless they can jury rig the laws to close Netflix down.

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Which is why the fact that they are building a parallel case should be relevant and should be revealed to the Defense. In essence the use of these parallel cases means the government has the motive to "find" evidence to create a chain of evidence that can be used against the defendant. That is an encouragement to create evidence if it can't be found by other means. That's just wrong, period.

This also provides and incentive for the prosecution to rely on evidence acquired illegally, and only encourages the surveillance state mentality.

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I am using an 20" iMac Desktop from 2008 or so. I have it set up to dualboot into Win7 using Bootcamp, and I admit I primarily spend my time on Windows. It is more or less completely silent, I can hear a slight sound from the fans but its almost always drowned out by sound from other sources (traffic, fridge, cat snoring etc). To the point that I was surprised to read this poll because I hadn't thought about system noise in ages.

Whether or not you like OS/X, the iMac is a brilliant desktop computer. Mostly I spend my time actually doing something with it rather than thinking about the system, unlike a lot of my Windows PC desktops prior to 2008.

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But the key thing here is that most people do not care if the device is closed and limited - their needs for it are limited too. The average person does not need a computer, they just need something that lets them perform a limited amount of functions (mostly email and social networking), and a tablet can be put in your pocket or purse.

Thats a hard sell to the folks of /. of course, for whom the computer is an important tool they use heavily in a lot of cases for a variety of purposes that go beyond mere social networking crap.

I have a desktop that I do creative things on and play complex games on, I have a tablet that I use as my e-reader, and to play a few simple games etc. Each to its own purpose.

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During the period after the old show was canceled (when the movie with Paul McGann came out), and the new revived series, they have set a whackload of Dr Who adventures starring Paul McGann's iteration of the doctor. They are radio-plays effectively, available here:

There are also recorded episodes for a pile of other popular but now defunct TV shows. My wife has listened to a ton of these and says they are very well recorded, full cast stories.

If you count these, Paul McGann has likely done more Dr Who stories than most of the other actors playing the Doctor :P

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