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Comment Re:Contracting vs Gig (Score 1) 166

when you are independant in the usa, you have higher taxes, and you are required to buy the expensive insurances that employees dont need to carry, like business insurance, data insurance etc. Not to mention you'll need to do your own payroll, more accounting work, it's a real pain in the ass.

it makes me glad to be an offshore outsourcer as I can undercut and I don't have any 'affordable care' nonsense.

the real solution is working remotely, and working in asia.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 423

same reason why it's always a death star. iv was about the death star, v was being pissed off about the broken death star, vi was about a new death star. And look at the poster, vii? A new death star.

In a GALAXY there is only like 5 people, and an obsession with moon sized space ships that get blown up at the drop of a hat.

Comment Re:Digging up some history... (Score 1) 262

and yet it wasn't good enough to bootstrap the kernel, or the device drivers.

OS/2 2.0 was largely a MS affair, and such a stopgap port into being 32bit with 16bit device drivers. If only IBM had let MS put windows on top of OS/2 and ditch the ass backwards PM. But no, IBM had to have SAAS (which nobody used). So MS took their ball home, and realized that they didn't need IBM anymore.

But IBM SURE needed Microsoft. OS/2 never became a real 32bit OS, still relies on 16bit drivers, and suffers many limitations as such. It'll never be 64bit, and always have MAJOR components like networking even with it's NET/2 TCP/IP left as an expensive addon.

IBM kept on sabotaging OS/2 starting with the $3000 OS/2 1.0 SDK, and the $2500 OS/2 2.0 SDK's.

Good riddance to IBM being out of the market with their insanely overpriced tools, and borrowed OS's which they clearly never understood as they had years to do something about the kernel, and the best they could do was that aborted L4 port that was as braindead as the 16bit extended 2.0 kernel.

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