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Google's DNA 171

bart_scriv writes "Businessweek confronts Google naysayers with an analysis of the company's business structure, arguing that its unique structure lends it the flexibility to adapt to any and all markets: 'Google is actually the first company with a brand that is built entirely on stem cells: able to grow and develop into whatever form it sees fit.' The article predicts significant changes for the company in communications, hardware, entertainment and localization and goes on to argue that Google is on the verge of achieving the holy grail of branding--being all things to all markets."
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Google's DNA

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  • Re:Good God (Score:4, Informative)

    by JollyFinn (267972) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @10:49AM (#15106163)
    Here's interesting point.
    Sales data:
                 Google   Yahoo
    2004           3.1      3.5
    Lastyear       6.1      5.3
    Q4 05          1.9      1.5
    CompanyPrice  122B      44B

    I don't expect Google to assimilate everything. But their sales is growing fast. There is quite good potential that Google grows to a company with 10Billion yearly profits, for which the sharevalue would be quite reasonable. Giving pretty good return on investment if that happens. And a small chance of growing to a company with more than 15Billion yearly profits.
    And its pretty certain that Google will be more successfull than Yahoo. But if Google cannot grow to its potential then its probably more successfull company than Yahoo and makes good bucks on advertisement, but nothing great enough to varrant its share value. 

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