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Porn Whitelist's Journal: 116 pics of assorted ladies 8

Journal by Porn Whitelist
Just to show that I can use curl as well as wget: of course, now you can have fun writing it in perl for a change :-)


curl "[001-015].jpg" -o "blowjob0#1.jpg"
curl "[01-20].jpg" -o "capc7#1.jpg"
curl "[01-16].jpg" -o "savannah6#1.jpg"
curl "[01-16].jpg" -o "layla5#1.jpg"
curl "[01-16].jpg" -o "jm#1.jpg"
curl "[01-16].jpg" -o "avril#1.jpg"
curl "[001-015].jpg" -o "kayla#1.jpg"

Remember to remove any stupid spaces slashcode sticks in :-)

About 5 megs of pix, 116 images.

Total to date : 3.878 gigs of porn.


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116 pics of assorted ladies

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  • Good! You're using cURL. Isn't it much easier? =D

    One minor nitpick, though: Unless you have a reason to, you should probably use /bin/sh rather than /bin/bash, since /bin/sh is pretty much standard across all Linux/BSD distros. (People may not have Bash installed, may be installed in the default BSD location (/usr/local/bin/bash), etc, etc...)


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