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Comment: Interesting timing (Score 2, Interesting) 178 178

by Buzzard2501 (#33855806) Attached to: In Australia, Rising VoIP Attacks Mean Huge Bills For Victims
Yesterday afternoon (and then again at 9pm) I watched an IP from Korea use a dictionary attack against our PABX (Asterisk) located in Australia. It used a standard list of usernames and passwords, and then every extension from 0000 to 9999. While our setup would protects us from any substantial loss (most extensions are setup to allow 1-3 simultaneous calls, premium calls are disabled, and our VoIP billing is pre-paid), Fail2Ban is in the process of being setup.

+ - Creative Sells ALchemy Audigy Edition->

Submitted by
NGOHQ writes: "It seems that Creative Labs is now selling ALchemy Audigy Edition for $9.99 (USD). Alchemy is a wrapper that converts DirectSound3D streams into OpenAL under Windows Vista. This project is available freely for Sound Blaster X-Fi owners. For unknown reasons Creative Labs has decided to sell this wrapper to Audigy owners."
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+ - Why Google is buying DoubleClick->

Submitted by gkhan1
gkhan1 writes: Google's acquisition of DoubleClick has been hotly debated, and now Google has put up a blog post explaining their decision

If you're an expert, please bear with me, as some of what follows will seem elementary to those already familiar with the online advertising world. If you're not, I hope this gives you a better understanding of how advertisers, publishers, ad serving companies, agencies and other companies such as Google all fit into this exciting new mix.

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Comment: Re:want performance from php? (Score 1) 191 191

by Buzzard2501 (#19297405) Attached to: Optimize PHP and Accelerate Apache

Lighttpd is good, but is best used in specialised instances, for specific (mainly static content) tasks. Its pointless using it for PHP as the cost of forking out a process to run the script will outweigh any saving from running a lighter-weight http server.
That's why when we have FastCGI

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