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Journal jeffy124's Journal: Snow! AHH! We need 2 gallons milk, 3 loaves bread... 5

and my area is only predicted to get 3 +/- 1.5 inches by Saturday.

We needed milk here at home (simply running out) so I went to WaWa to get a gallon. The tiny parking lot was a madhouse for being 9pm on a Thursday. One interesting observation: People will happily park in the handicapped space despite not having the sticker (or apparent need) for it, but will avoid the 3 remaining "employees only" spaces in the back like the plague. On my way out there had to be four cars waiting for people to leave just so they could park themselves.

My prediction for this incoming "winter storm" (and it ain't technically winter yet) is a snow/rain mix, but no accumulation due to said rain and that most of it all will fall during the daytime tomorrow, keeping the roads clear.

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Snow! AHH! We need 2 gallons milk, 3 loaves bread...

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  • this isn't the text you are looking for.

    "Hey, there ain't no text here!"

    Move along

    "Move along".
    • i do live to the north of it.

      just got into work about 20 mins ago, and it's about an inch thus far. no major traffic troubles other than a reduced speed by most people on the road.
      • Oh. I thought the "OMIGOD IT'S GONNA SNOW WE NEED TO RAID THE GROCERY STORE IN CASE WE ARE SNOWED IN FOR A MONTH" attitude was something that only occured down here.

        I know out in the mid-west and south-west it seems people are like this:

        "Oh. It's gonna snow. Guess I better make sure I can get to the bar".

        Anyhow, glad you didn't have to fight too much traffic.
        • I've worked in grocery stores in areas that HAVE been in blizzards and such.

          It doesn't matter if its 1" of snow, or 2ft... people just like to make french toast in the snow (that was the old joke, cause everyone bought milk, eggs, and bread).
          • people just like to make french toast in the snow
            That's hilarious! :-) Thanks!

            I've noticed this and thought it was just a Southern thing, too. I love to go to the grocery store and watch people fight over the last squished loaf of bread. Meanwhile I have flour and everything else so I could MAKE bread if I so choose. It's not like it's ever going to snow so much that I can't get anywhere by walking at least. And I live about 3 blocks for Mayfield (it's a big dairy company, they make ice cream and pa

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