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[w00t] RHCSA cert

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  • Well done...

    I couldn't, any more. My RH days are back in 2001...

    • by GeckoFood (585211) *

      Well done...

      Thanks. I have been cramming for weeks.

      I couldn't, any more. My RH days are back in 2001...

      Red Hat's definitely a different animal now, though the core should be familiar. The parts that make the exam hard are the parts that Red Hat in particular cares about but are generally not emphasized in other distros. And those parts are definitely post-2001.

      • Yeah, I'm prolly down with rpm and src rpms. I don't know where the have anything under /etc or /var/spool, /var/log now... I've been all Debian-way. I couldn't tell you how they even init. SysV seems to be gone everywhere - but distros each found their own way out of the twisty little maze of symlinks.

        Either way, you get props.

        Hey! Shawshank sig.

        My kids just saw that for first time, and loved it.

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