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npsimons's Journal: Looking for Alternatives to Slashdot 1

Journal by npsimons

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but the focus of slashdot has shifted away from open source software (Linux in particular). Anyone who doubts this is welcome to count the number of open source articles versus blatant slashvertisements. I guess my mistake was in thinking that "news for nerds, stuff that matters" was more truthful than "fair and balanced." In any case, it's a battle I don't have time to fight, so I'm wondering: what sites would you recommend as alternatives to slashdot? What's your favorite Linux news site? How about open source, or Debian? Can I find a site dedicated to important scientific advances, instead of the latest fashion trends?

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Looking for Alternatives to Slashdot

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  • Some time ago, I remember being shown a snapshot of the Slashdot front page from 2002 or 2003. It had only been operating for maybe 5 years. Those were supposedly the "golden age" of slashdot.

    The list of stories I saw had just as many frivolous and non-Linux stories as today. In fact, there were even more stories that were of very narrow interest to only a small subset of geeks. Say, board games or the Apple Newton.

    As is common, your memories may be appearing in somewhat soft-focus, showing the Slashdot

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