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Ask a Subset (hardware)

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  • Second question first - Do you really need fax? Who uses faxes any more? Scan it in and send it as an attachment like everyone else does :-)

    Now to the first question - Which operating system(s)?

    Third question: What sort of price range?

    Fourth question: Do you want color printing or just black and white?

    Fifth question: How often will it be used? If it's only going to print out a few pages a month, then you don't care about the cost of refills - you'll give it away when the toner runs out in 3 years.

    • by RM6f9 (825298)

      Fax, not really, was just caught up in replacing the dinosaur.
      O/S Ugly old Win XP SP3
      Ideally less than $300.00
      Output: Color
      Jobs: Occasional but somewhat intense.
      Thank you for the help!

      • by tomhudson (43916)

        I bought one of these last year [], except no top sheet feeder/ethernet. (clx-3175 instead of a clx-3175fn)

        Under $300, does faxes, does color, it's a laser so you don't have to worry about ink carts drying up.

        If you put 10 or more sheets of ordinary paper, then a SINGLE heavy-weight photo paper at a time, it does nice photos.

        Cons: linux drivers require redhat 9 ?!???

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