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User Journal

hhawk's Journal: Way OFF topic runaway threads 2

Journal by hhawk

I am increasingly fustrated by the way off topic threads and the lack of ability to moderate them out. Of course this means that some of us like these off topics...

but today there is an article about the CT court case w/ the RIAA and the highly ranked comments are about the presidential election (Ron Paul vs. Obama), and which canidate is more favored on /.

Although it started from a thread about the power of the /. community to influence the larger community, the degree (180 IMHO) that it's gets quickly off topic is very fustrating to me. It's a story about the RIAA, not the place to talk about Paul vs. Obama unless we are talking about what they might do Re: the RIAA.

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Way OFF topic runaway threads

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  • As you said, some of us like a little OT, that's what you get on a public forum.

    Having said that, maybe you need to tweak your settings, maybe assign a higher negative coefficient to offtopic and redundant mods. Also, although I don't use it myself, the new discussion viewing system is supposed to make thread hopping/hiding a lot easier.
  • Paul and Obama are.

    Wavy Gravy for president!

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