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Comment Re:Just wanted to ask (Score 1) 424

Then our experiences match, we just wanted different things. I wanted to use the incoming sip for being available where I have WiFi but no cell coverage (my flat). For outgoing calls I have europe wide free minutes. Oh well, I ended up using a X-link bttn to solve the problem at home. Other places I need to remember checking the sip status.

btw. The N900 sip implementation seems more reliable.

Comment Just wantet to ask (Score 1) 424

do you use the sip functionality exclusively for outgoing calls?

I have a E52 which I bought primarily for the sip client, but I've found that it's worthless for incoming calls, since it will get disconnected at irregular intervals and thus not available for incoming calls. I have been unable to find workarounds, even a scheduled reboot would help but seems require a signing certificate on my part.

Can it be that the earlier sip implementations worked better? (keeping an eye open for a cheap E71)

Comment aldi? (Score 2, Informative) 153

Sorry, link is in german, maybe babelfish will help out.

I have the austrian "hofer" equivalent, which is a pure data prepaid. It seems to work slightly differently in germany, where it's an addition to a prepaid voice sim. I'd acctually prefer the german style, but oh well.

I'd recommend combining it with a S60(or Maemo) Joikuspot compatible handset, that way you can use the voice part as well.

Comment Re:Its a Server OS... (Score 1) 303

Are you quite sure about zfs working that way? When I bought my drobo a year ago it was not the case, zfs could not be expanded a disk a the time while maintaining redundancy (ie. expanding a zraid pool with a single disk). From everything I've read that feature will be added once the BPR (block pointer something) rewrite is done.

So again, have you actually done this, or have you (as I first did) concluded that it is possible from the feature list?

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