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Comment My experience (Score 1) 384

Okay here's my experience of using virtualization at home and with a bit of office work:

Xen - for the time I started using it in 2008, a really big advantage was paravitualization mode which allows to run virtualized linux instances really fast -- in that respect Xen is awesome, however there are several disadvantages: in theory you could run anything that supports paravirtualization mode, so that means you could run All the BSDs, but I never succeeded of installing any of them when I tried, windows of course is out. You could run "fully virtual" environment if you hardware supports it, but you're going to just use some bits of Qemu, so there isn't much advantage of running xen if you have the hardware. The nastier bit about Xen, that has been always a pain to initially configure Hypervisor and get bridged networking going, I see it got better in recent years, but it's still a pain, and I just configure network bridge and omit Xen network config entirely; the other thing, at least in Debian, the most recent version of linux kernel it supports is 2.6.26, and generally seems like it's on its way out. On the plus side, xen-tools would let you create a guest in seconds, be that debian, fedora, centOS or any other popular distribution, also libvirt-bin supports xen, so you get a nice GUI management tool, still it's kind of painful to configure and maintain all of this.

VMWare -- I tried server, and this is an example why proprietary software on open source system really sucks. It's not as painful to install as xen, but it is a lot more painful to maintain; every time you update the kernel you need to run a script to rebuild all the kernel modules, this could be automated, but really, why bother? 'm taking about Vmware Server 1.X here, I tried 2.X and instead of a venerable VmWare Console that everyone with more or less success tries to copy (see "Virtual Manager", "VritualBox OSE"), they threw it away and came up with some web-based solution, for which you have to install browser plugin, and it is generally even more painful and slower that server 1.x. Also it's pretty much mandatory to run it on CentOS (Not fedora, because it has too recent kernel, not ubuntu becase there hasn't been a package since 8.10, if I remember correctly, and not in debian because there never been a package, you can always install Vmware from an archive file insted of a package, but it would only result in more maintenance overhead). On the upside your virtual host would get a lot of SMBIOS info if you need that for testing software, but in general VirtualBox seems to be the one-to-one replacement of VmWare.

VirtualBox -- I've only been playing with it recently and it seems that everything that VMWare gets wrong VirtualBox gets right, although it seems a bit desktop-y for me as I haven't tired to run it in a headless server config, also it doesn't seem to support Linux LVM and only stores virtual images as files; but that's all more of a nitpicking I guess it's more of a matter of preferences between it and KVM. I haven't tried reading SMBIOS info so I don't know if it works.

KVM -- it's in kernel and it's always will be supported, I use it and if you have the hardware, it's the first option to be tried out. This thing works out of the box, just install the packages and make sure that amd/intel hardware support is enabled, configure bridge (default option is NAT, but I haven't tried it) and you're done. I'm in the process of converting some VMware images to KVM and I can't be happier, it's fast, Virtual Manager works so well that I don't even have to use command line, which is also available, it supports LVM and for all intensive purposes this is industrial grade virtualization solution, the only problem -- no snapshot support, but I think that was added in the kernel recently (see yesterday's article about new version of linux kernel), and there are ways to get around that using LVM.

Comment Re:Why do Americans have problems with solar power (Score 1) 405

As much as I love snarky comments it doesn't quite work in this case, there could be no Government Jesus because government isn't run by an abstract idea, 'liberals' think that in a set of cases decisions are better made by a government official with a defined set of goals and responsibilities, as opposed to some random person in the industry who has no responsibilities before the public, thus we have such things as social services, healthcare, police, army, breathable air and drinkable water.

Also, why are you so sure that Free Market Jesus wouldn't be sacrificing your liberties, or for that matter your life (I've got so many examples, where do I start?). While being so scared of government boogeyman, you fail to see the elephant in the room.

Comment Re:There's a Difference? (Score 1) 646

Try going to a college and calling some black women making a huge amount of noise under your dorm room "water buffalo" and see if you get expelled or suspended (it's happened).

It was a private college and charges were later dropped --

Where was that article in the last 2 weeks about some English kid who disagreed with Obama -- seems that he's now forbidden from ever traveling to the United States. Sorry. you're delusional if you think you have freedom of speech under the Democrats.
Yes I remember the story too, I cant find links right now, for me the whole story wasn't as black and white as you describe it to me.

Comment Re:There's a Difference? (Score 2, Interesting) 646

I you're being overly simplistic:

  * Smoke weed but not tobacco -- perhaps means you get new freedoms of legally doing drugs, but the government wants to regulate how much tobacco you consume, and not completely stop you from doing so.
  * Censure from saying hateful words -- since when? There's such thing as first amendment, but it doesn't guarantee that no one would think you're an arsehole after you exercised it.
  * There is no health benefits of eating fast food, there is an obesity epidemic, government must regulate it. See tobacco, catalytic converters. No one is saying that you'd be prohibited from eating it, but all the government could do is: make it more healthy, make people eat less of it, remove corn subsidies, and in general be more proactive about it.
  * Alcohol is regulated soda isn't, soda is almost just as bad for you (see alcoholic cirrhosis vs. fatty liver disease). Also it's partially government's fault that we decrease our intake of fats and instead started eating really unhealthy carbs. Also I recommend watching this video that exactly explains why soft drinks, and sugar in general are really bad -- .
  * To the credit of democrats I'm yet to see anyone who doesn't agree with them to be called 'terrorist enabler' or 'traitor' or anything like that.

You also generalize to a great degree, there's liberal wing of democrats and there's a conservative wing of democrats, there's constant infighting. Name one elected republican politician except Ron Paul who is for personal freedoms? I dare you.

I hate this false equivalences, yes democrats are pussies and are bargaining away too much of their principles, but republicans are batshit crazy at this point they have no principles, have you seen new republican manifesto -- all empty slogans. What is common here? Now you propagating an idea of being complete cynic and not doing anything about the situation, and feeling at the same time; that's just counterproductive.

Comment Re:Fan (Score 1) 715

It ran out of oil. Your fan cheap 'bearing' consists of a iron stick suspended in oil, you just need to find an oiling point, and pour a drop of oil in it every 2-3 years.

It can get complicated with laptops, but still doable:

Comment For God's sake. (Score 1) 461

A libertarian website runs an old rehash of a story which was already been discussed here on Jun 27, where everyone agreed that Liberman is an idiot.
Nothing new happened since then, but the midterms on the horizon and the libertarians need to show that the government(Democrats) is bad and everyone needs to vote for them(Republicans, tea party, whatever).

Slashdot editors, of course, posted this story without giving it so as much as a single thought, I mean is it that hard to google 'internet kill switch" ? I'm not new here, still, can I blame slashdot editors for everything, can I?

Comment Re:copyrights, patents, all must be abolished. (Score 1) 294

Nope, your analogy is still flawed. The illegality of drug trafficking means high upfront costs and high penalties for everyone doing business, but for the free market you need equal access for all participants, and in this case you got all the conditions for oligopolies to form. Thus cartels. This isn't an example of a natural progression of a free market.

Comment Re:Rather stupid... (Score 1) 183

I just followed a few links from the one you've given. And yeah, apparently there is a national intranet in North Korea Kwangmyong with 'free' dial-up access. I wonder if anyone getting on that network is being monitored.

Anyway this whole thing looks so deliciously similar to a network in movie Avalon. Actually it's like that movie is reenacted in real life in North Korea. Oppressive communist government? Check. Network somewhat accessible to the general public, from whimsically unreliable terminals. Check (I got a hunch that all the network equipment in NK is old an whimsically unreliable). Brain-computer interface. Not so much, but I believe in the movie it was more of a plot device than anything.

Comment Re:FTFA: (Score 1) 634

Hahaha, I wish I had mod points, because your post is hilarious, though I'm not entirely sure if you did that on purpose or not.

Also I truly appreciate the internal inconsistency of your argument: we achieve sustainable growth & consumption, but if democrats try to do anything about it, republicans are better because they are worse.

All in all it's a jolly good idea of fixing our current environmental problems by eliminating majority of the population.

I'm intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe you your newsletter.

Comment Re:FTFA: (Score 1) 634

Oh please, nature doesn't really care of us either, and the planet doesn't have a point of view, so please don't presuppose that it was in some sort of balance and we somehow ruining it.

Also, I really like your prophetic statement about collapse of global 'ecology/economy' and what do you mean by it in the first place?

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