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Comment Re: Netgear *firmware* (Score 1) 147

> If you run your firewall / router in a VM, that means there's a physical box hosting it which is physically plugged directly into the internet, unprotected by the firewall. I'm not saying it can't be done reasonably safely, but that's certainly not my preference.

What are you taking about? I run this exact setup and my host isn't "unprotected by the firewall." The port belongs to pfSense as the WAN port and unless I open something up to my host within the firewall rules, no one is getting access to it.

Are you sure you've been in the business for any length of time deploying openwrt?

Comment netflix what? (Score 1) 199

This has nothing to do with netflix.. According to the email I got they are adding:

-With ESPN on Xbox LIVE, you can stream and watch over 3,500 live and on-demand sporting events plus highlights.*
-With Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE you will be able to enjoy a customized Hulu Plus experience that will include Kinect navigation and Xbox LIVE Parties*

Both would be pretty good reasons to ditch my fios tv...


Submission + - Pirate Bay Retrial Denied, Judge Declared Unbiased 2

bonch writes: A Swedish court has ruled that the judge in the PirateBay trial is unbiased and there will be no retrial. Stockholm District Court defended the judge's membership in copyright organizations as a necessity to "keep up with developments in the field" and that merely endorsing the idea of copyright law was not grounds for a mistrial. The defendants must now rely on the appeal process, while one defendant has written on their Twitter account that the PirateBay will also be suing Sweden for human rights violations.

(Useful) Stupid Regex Tricks? 516

careysb writes to mention that in the same vein as '*nix tricks' and 'VIM tricks', it would be nice to see one on regular expressions and the programs that use them. What amazingly cool tricks have people discovered with respect to regular expressions in everyday life as a developer or power user?"

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