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Comment Don't have time to watch ... (Score 1) 137

I don't have time to watch an entire NFL Football game which is usually around 4 hours, but have found that if I DVR the game, I can skip through the commercials, time between plays, half time, etc. and view every play in just over an hour.

[4, 15 minute quarters = 60 minutes, + a few minutes for mistakes, replays of great plays, etc.]

Comment Re:Key climate-related takeaways (Score 1) 615

> 3) make a profit on this "education" and funnel it to their board members.

If they're making so much money, how come my kids' (plural possessive) Charter school has so many fundraisers?

It seems like we're always contributing our time and/or $$$ to retain a music teacher, gym teacher, etc.

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