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Comment Gnome 3 made me do it (Score 1) 249

Just upgraded to Fedora 15 on this ancient ThinkPad R40, but its integrated video lacks the horsepower to run Gnome 3. I've reluctantly switched to the bloated KDE 4, which has the most annoying toolbar ever conceived. I'll switch back to Gnome when this box finally conks out.

Comment Re:Still? (Score 1) 195

Yeah, really. I stick with it because my office is a Redhat shop and this lets me stay close to the Redhat layout and such but still have the option to update and install new stuff to keep my own systems bleeding edge. That said, I think Ubuntu deserves its first-place standing and I get tempted to switch. We'll see how F11 goes. If it wipes out my grub loader (again), I might just jump ship...
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Journal Journal: How quaint!

Today while cleaning out an obscure desk drawer at home, I set aside a stack of old 1.44" diskettes, wrapped in a rubber band. My 11 year old son wandered in and picked them up. He studied them for a few moments before inquiring what they were. I explained as best I could but couldn't demonstrate them because none of the machines in my home now have diskette drives. Could it be that time is moving by that fast? Maybe I ought to dig up some old 5 1/4" floppies and really blow his mind...

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