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Comment The article seems to imply a PC laptop (Score 0) 175

Am I the only one to sense that the OP was subliminally hinting that had it been a Chromebook, Dell or an Asus, (not to even think of what might have been different with a Microsoft Surface) the owner might not have been so lucky...?

And if this was not the intent, why did they have to use the laptop's brand in the title rather than just say it was a portable computer of some sort with an aluminum body?

Comment Right out of the Chris Christie grudge playbook (Score 2) 551

Not sure how much credence to give to such a report, but if it turns out to be true it would totally be in line with NJ governor Chris Christie's aides shutting down lanes of the GW Bridge in retribution for the town they pass through having voted against him.

That playbook sure seems to be a popular one, so especially knowing Trump's legendary vindictiveness we should not be surprised in the least that such a thing might be true for Twitter being penalized.

Then again if I was one of Trump's aides and needed an empty 'spin excuse' to explain why? I'd state that "Given how much Twitter's social platform is used by the president-elect every day, it would represent a conflict of interest for someone from that company to get invited to such a meeting." or something equally vacuous.

Comment Re: Am I in a goddamn cyberpunk novel? (Score 5, Funny) 551

What happened with 'draining the swamp' ? Well, no one bothered to ask what he was going to replace that swamp water with after he was done with the draining part. That it could turn out to be hydrochloric acid or some equally toxic substance like 'Essence Of Vindicate' shouldn't really be surprising to anyone except those who forgot to ask this critical follow-up question.

Comment I am sure I am going to get slagged for this (Score 0) 414

If the amount of evidence claimed to have been found is actually true, it really doesn't look like someone merely just checking out what ISIS was about...

There's a side of me that definitely thinks that hate-mongers such as what he appeared to be ought to be given a choice. Instead of a jail sentence, offer him the possibility to surrender his passport, and be given a one-way ticket to an islamic country of his choice, where he can become a 'productive citizen' (whatever that means, in this context) once they agree to take him.

It's one thing to tolerate people with very different points of view (even if very offensive) who don't actively want to subjugate everyone around them, and another to keep playing nice with individuals who have been brainwashed and slowly turning into the sort of person that cannot be negotiated with. Time and time again, there are examples of such persons taking matters into their own hands in order to serve whatever faith they believe so strongly. They consciously exploit any loopholes they can find in the democratic systems of Western countries to their advantage, for the sole purpose of the advancement of their cancerous beliefs... I dunno. There must be times we need to draw the line and have the balls to say "Enough is enough". Maybe that's why Trump's message resonated so much with many people. He didn't care about being politically correct and said out loud what so many were thinking.

Given how many people were the victims of terror attacks in France in the last two years, it's a bit difficult for me to feel empathy for this person (if what they claim about him turns out to be true)

Comment Pertinent thread, but need help with 17" options (Score 1) 315

Currently using a "Late 2011 17" MacBookPro8,3" with 2.5 GHz core i7, 16 gigs or RAM, 1TB SSD + secondary hard drive in DVD bay. Running under 10.10.5 Yosemite, or Bootcamp Windows 7. The machine is fantastic, except that (of course) video performance is a bit subpar when compared to what's out there now, with 4k screens and all the rest.

Would love to know what's comparable to that today with roughly 32 Gigs of RAM, 6th -gen core i7 processor, numeric keypad, 4 gigs of graphics RAM in a dedicated graphics card, slot or caddy for secondary disk storage, but I am looking for one that will explicitly be capable of being turned it into a reasonably good Hackintosh that can also dual-boot into Windows. (even if external Wi-Fi dongle is required for OS-X).

I need a large screen, not something puny because eyesight is not getting better and the apps I run require lots of screen real-estate. (the more the better). I cannot use an external monitor because it would mostly be used in situations requiring mobility. Size, price and weight not as much of a factor, just features! I looked at the Acer Predator 17 , and that was pretty appetizing... possibly a bit overkill on the graphics side but I could live with it otherwise. Not seen any reports of someone trying Hackintosh on that model.

Any help, advice or suggestions appreciated, I am already aware of tonymacx86 and been reading their epic multibeast and clover install tales for weeks, as well as going through all of the 'best laptop for hackintosh' lists from a year or two ago, but haven't done a build of my own yet.

Thanks in advance.

(Of course none of this would be necessary if Apple agreed to license their OS to someone out there willing to make a proper OS-X compatible 17" 'desktop repacement' machine for professional users on the go. Since they're not doing it themselves, sounds like a no-brainer, but I digress)

Comment There's a great opportunity there for someone (Score 2) 299

Many of us in the media world were die-hard supporters of Apple through their leanest years, and didn't mind paying full-price for their expensive machines because these were necessary tools for the digital creative arts (music, photo retouching, artwork, and so on). These people haven't disappeared today, it may be small but it arguably also is a very stable market.

Obviously, times have changed and their allegiances lie with the mainstream consumer market. And given the obligations of good-old "fiduciary duty to stockholders", all professional users as a group are being thanked for their undying support by been dumped unceremoniously as un-necessary baggage they probably don't even want to remember anything about.

Now please do not confuse this post for yet another garden-variety rant about how "they've abandoned us". Rather, it should be obvious that there well may be a splendid opportunity here for smaller, more nimble hardware manufacturers to address this situation and take advantage of this void Apple has left behind by making a whole line of professional desktop and laptop systems squarely aimed at this market, with the possibility of their components being so well matched and compatible to Cupertino requirements that these machines could easily run under OS-X as Hackintosh rather than merely the plain vanilla Windows OS they would ship with. Legally speaking, there is nothing that can be done against building PCs that use similar enough compatible components, even if they're one generation behind it probably would still be good enough to satisfy most everyone. Let Apple have all of the fancy gadgets like touch-bar, which obviously isn't the sort of thing pro users need yet. (It may be once software out there can take advantage of these features, but that's years down the road)

There probably is a reasonably massive market out there for people willing to pay for Pro hardware that would be exactly compatible with Apple software, even if installing it is something they have to do themselves because the legality of it might otherwise be a bit fuzzy; and obviously Apple couldn't be arsed to license their OS to someone willing to do what they can't fathom doing themselves.

There's gotta be a way for someone out there to manufacture and sell the products Apple refuses to make and meet this demand for thought.

Comment Professional users are thrilled, obviously (Score 1) 361

Being that Apple has more cash in the bank that many Western countries currently do, it's obviously understandable that supporting a 17" model just isn't something they could afford to do; a no-holds-barred, high-performance machine with mondo ports that would serve the needs of the very same faithful but demanding professional users who have been supporting them all these years through thick and thin and historically were spending mucho dineros buying quantities of these beasts. (a.k.a. the small vocal minority)

And since we all know that Apple's hardware line is mostly composed of "magical devices", their users never squint, and don't need to have a big screen to display massive amounts of information that includes stuff like palettes, sub-menus and options pop-up windows.

It's probably going to be a fantastic choice for those hipster middle-managers on-the-go, or people with busy lives who don't need a lot of screen real-estate or have to ever manipulate and store large media files.

Guess it's time to see what running Hackintosh on a PC laptop really feels like, or just using any other third-party OS.

Comment Not sure it's president he should be running for (Score 1) 1017

Again, Trump demonstrates here his insanely high ability as a first-rate troll. If there was a meter for such things, his rating would be off the scale.

Maybe a new department should be created under his leadership? The DOT moniker being taken, but somehow a Department of Trolling should be created with him at the helm... Maybe under Cyberwarfare?

Comment They're doing what politicians must.. (Score 0) 146

As the Brexit poll showed a few days ago, there is a large percentage of any population that is completely out of touch with reality, and this proposal is no different. Such scare tactics basically pander to the lowest-common-denominator voters out there, giving them yet another feel-good measure that accomplishes nothing much besides giving everyone else a headache. Because it clearly is something that any rational person would conclude cannot be properly carried out unless those who are asking for it do not understand the very nature of the Internet.

But more to the point, it generally reflects a disconnect between those of us who spend our a large part of our lives on this new global network, and the aging population who stopped discovering new things back around the time Faulty Towers was popular (but who very much still vote, once again as evidenced by their decision to leave the EU, when the whole thing was really an anti-immigrantion ploy) and are content with BBC2 programs on the telly.

Again, the sole purpose of these types of legislative measures is to escape blame, look strong on what's considered 'bad behavior', distract people away from the actual and real pressing issues that would take a lot to address, and get more votes (whatever it takes).

Comment The pattern is clear (Score 2) 189

This is only the beginning of the systematic rape of users and their data. Once tech companies have passed certain milestones in terms of size and user base, this power they hold over the plumbing infallibly goes to their collective heads.

Just as Microsoft with the Windows 10 upgrades. It's merely a confirmation that we must find ways around entrusting our digital assets to such 'for-profit' outfits. They're obviously banking their entire business model on the fact that they will be able to monetize the user data for far more than what it's costing them, offering "free" as a way to entice them in.

While it's not sexy, there needs to be the open-source equivalent, sort of what Android is to Windows but for social networks. Something that is community-supported, and allows people more freedom, even if the price is less curation and more chaos. Sort of like... The Internet?

Comment Maybe there is a life cycle to these services (Score 2) 151

One viewpoint: The novelty of it was intoxicating for a good bit, but truthfully why would we keep spending inordinate amounts of time lavishing over other people's mundane, narcissistic and self-referential postings is a good question; that is, outside of the type who religiously buys gossip magazine at the supermarket checkout counter?

Arguably these mega-networks have killed off many specialized community boards and once-thriving discussion groups. Perhaps some of them will make a comeback, safely outside of the constant fake stimuli that could drive anyone to ADD by being subjected to the never-ending barrage of unwanted information, "The Assault Of Status Updates"?

Other more likely viewpoint: I personally doubt the above; more probably and since there are a finite number of people on the planet, and given their massive sizes, it's just that the statistics indicate that they are slowly starting to run out of new customers.

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