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Comment Re:Disclosure (Score 1) 435

Wow, you're naive.

  • There will be a warning on the back of the box, in small fonts. Nobody reads that. Especially soccer moms, rednecks and 13 year olds representing the main audience of Xbox 360 and the next Xbox console.
  • Boycotts don't work, educate yourself.
  • Boycotts don't work when you're boycotting an entire industry. I'm talking about all the big publishers colluding with the console makers to create an always online future. What the hell do you do against that? Do you stop playing console games? Do you return to PC gaming, but only play indie games and pirated stuff? Do you abandon video games as a hobby? What do you think other people will do? How long do you think other boycotters will last until giving in to the dark side? If things get better in terms of server issues, will this soften your stance? Will you be able to continue your boycott on moral grounds only, such as "always online is evil"?

Comment Re:Always online is here to stay (Score 2) 435

Sony said there won't be any hardware restriction for used games and always online. But they'll grant publishers free reign on always online in software. This way, it will look like the Sony had nothing to do with this. Then, because Sony is also a big publisher, they'll also require always online for their own games, citing the fact all other publishers are doing it. Welcome to an always online world.

Comment Always online is here to stay (Score 5, Insightful) 435

Microsoft knows and abuses their user base. For example, all Xbox Live game servers are hosted by players. These players pay a yearly fee to MS, so that MS will grant them the privilege of hosting these servers and playing against other players. MS is basically getting free money.

Rednecks who don't know better; Call of Duty dudebros; 13 year olds with gullible soccer moms - these are all people don't give a shit about always online and represent the core audience of the Xbox brand. They'll buy the next console without asking questions and they'll create the critical mass MS and publishers need in order to push always online.

People who hope the PS4 will save us from always online are naive. Always online has always been the publishers' wet dream. They've been pushing for this for years. At the very least, MS and Sony will implement mechanisms so that any publisher will be able to impose the always online requirement for their games. And remember, MS and Sony are also publishers, and they're quite big publishers. Where do you expect people to go once all games released by Activision, EA, Sony, MS, Ubisoft and others will all require always online? How will you fight a cartel in its own walled garden?

Blizzard games, Steam games, even the dreaded SimCity sell tens of millions of copies each year, despite the various types of (partially) always online requirements. Always online is here to stay and there's nothing you can do, because of the massive amount of people who will gobble this up without thinking twice.

Comment Hold on, Steve (Score 1) 1

1) It's Tor, not TOR.
2) The project is alive and kicking, check this blog to see for yourself:
There's a lot of work to do on Tor, Vidalia, Torbutton (so much more than a proxy switcher, stop using Foxyproxy for Tor, FFS!) and the various bundles offered by the project. Translators are always welcome.
3) Lots of new clients (Iranian or otherwise) means a greater strain on the existing infrastructure. This is hardly 'revitalising' in a network in great need of bandwidth and exit nodes. Of course, dissidents using it is a good thing, it's part of why Tor exists; I'm just pointing out the inaccuracies in the article.
4) If you want to help the project, please dive in the code, donate or consider running an exit node.

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