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Comment Re:Cheating (Score 3, Insightful) 297

Bnet accounts have been tied to CD Key since 1998.

It's a bit different this time around from what I understood. Each account will need a unique license, like World of Warcraft, so it's entirely possible that you'll only have one identity per CD key. Maybe they'd let you create multiple profiles to have multiple names, but if one of their goals is to stop lowbie stomping in rated matches, then that makes the inclusion of such a feature unlikely.

Comment Re:This is actually pretty scary (Score 1) 344

Try look at the second sentence using the same word (different tense) that I did under the second definition.

They sailed away without effecting their purpose. --Jowett

"They sailed away without accomplishing their purpose" is another way to write that sentence. In other words, their purpose effected nothing. Nothing came of what they set out to do. It didn't produce anything. I'm not sure how many times I can redundantly state its meaning ;)

I think "affecting" is more appropriate to use. Instead of "it" being the primary cause/responsible for the crime scene, it would be responsible for altering it/contaminating it.


Submission + - Help Desk: First Step in Successful IT Career

jcatcw writes: A help desk jobs can put you in a good position for future growth, according to Katherine Spencer Lee, executive director of Robert Half Technology. In a help desk role, you can gain in-depth, real-world knowledge of nearly every system a company uses or sells, including operating systems, applications, networks, the Internet, hardware and peripherals. In addition to those hard skills, you can develop the strong interpersonal skills — communication, problem-solving and leadership abilities — that are becoming more important to hiring managers.

Submission + - File Deleting Software a Hoax

teamhasnoi writes: "In a followup to yesterday's story the developer of Display Eater has responded to the poor publicity, admitting that the app does not delete files. Quote: "It was my hope that if people thought this happened, they would not try to pirate the program. I could stop wasting time writing copy protection routines to be broken over and over. It turned out to be a mistake." He has now made the application free by posting a registration code, and plans to open-source it."

Tor Open To Attack 109

An anonymous reader writes "A group of researchers have written a paper that lays out an attack against Tor (PDF) in enough detail to cause Roger Dingledine a fair amount of heartburn. The essential avenue of attack is that Tor doesn't verify claims of uptime or bandwidth, allowing an attacker to advertise more than it need deliver, and thus draw traffic. If the attacker controls the entry and exit node and has decent clocks, then the attacker can link these together and trace someone through the network."

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