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Submission + - * Debian decides to adopt time-based release (

zsau writes: "Debian, well known amongst GNU/Linux distributions as having a long and inconsistent release cycle, has just decided to adopt a two-yearly freeze cycle in the December of every odd year. Although this doesn't mean releases happen every two years or that software will be more up-to-date, it could allow some form of co-ordination with software releasers and other distributions, in addition to improving the release and upgrade process for the Debian Project and their users."

Submission + - City of Melbourne plans future using wiki (

zsau writes: "The City of Melbourne, the local government at the core of Australia's second largest city, is using a wiki to help plan its future development, with an eye to becoming a higher-density, more sustainable city. Like many American cities, Australian cities are sprawling, low-density cities in which the car is king Melbourne has approximately 16 people/hectare. Recently, the discussion of Melbourne's future has turned to increasing the density and improving the infrustructure of the city, especially as much growth is at the expensive of an overly congested Sydney. Unfortunately, local governments have very little power in Australia and the success of many suggestions in the Wiki will depend on the cooperation of the state government of Victoria."

Submission + - Antiterrorism in Australia: Employers spy on email (

zsau writes: "The new Australian government is planning to allow employers to check employee's email and other internet usage while at work without the employees permission. Although some might consider this justifiable given the employee has sold their time to their employer and is using their employer's resources to send the emails, the justification the Australian government is using is terrorism. In reality, employers are not trained to deal with potential terrorist threats, and in the unlikely event that someone is posting in plain text from work their plans to take down national internet networks, what guarantee do we have that employers responses will be appropriate? What makes the employers more trustworthy than their employees? And how marginally related does something need to be for us to consider it anti-terrorism?"

Submission + - Optimus keyboard to ship

zsau writes: "According to an email sent by Art Lebedev, it turns out everybody's favorite vaporware keyboard is going to ship late this year, with preorders starting in three days. The Optimus Keyboard is a large keyboard with color OLED displays that can change their display as you type, making it suitable for rich gamers or people who type in multiple languages and want to look at their keyboard all the time. It was first announced on Slashdot in July 2005."

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