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Comment Re:mr president, you're missing the point (Score 1) 531

> 2) Retaliation is a good course of action because as technological solutions are developed, more holes will be found.

retaliation is fine, as long as its not the only course of action. to claim "i talked to putin and hacking stopped" is wrong in so many ways i dont know where to start.

> 3) Don't like it? Don't be a member of the party

now that people know about it, sure, that becomes an option.

Comment mr president, you're missing the point (Score 5, Insightful) 531

1) it doesn't matter who's the hacker, if our infrastructure is vulnerable, its vulnerable to anyone. lets worry about fixing that first.

2) fine, retaliate. why is this news? hacking happens every day. remember stuxnet? solution to hacking is better technology NOT better lawyering.

3) nice job wagging-the-dog your way out of actually dealing with the contents of hillary emails. real threat is what happened with Sanders (i'm not his supporter _at all_). it was a scandalous perversion of democracy. Putin (if it was him) did us a great service. i mean us the people, not necessarily certain people in power.

Comment get over it (Score -1) 664

disclaimer: i don't exactly have a dog in the fight, i'm a mac/unix guy. but i do (to the extent that i do) follow the moves Nadella makes and i like it.

this is the right move. it is insanity in this day and age to have to support multiple substantially different versions of an operating system for general population. its unjustifiably expensive and unsustainable.

bottom line, if you feel like whining, i have a piece of advice for you, get over it. either move to unix or upgrade to win10. those are your two choices.

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