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Submission + - Zoneding Machine's New Year Message

zoneding writes: Today is the last day of 2010, we will welcome 2011 tomorrow.Ten year has passed, in the new century, and we will start our new journey in 2011. In the passed 2010, Zoneding Machine has experience an unusual year, we have set up new workshop in Zhengzhou, our product capacity has greatly improved, our research personnel have concentrate on develop new type mining machine for customers all over the world, a series of new type machines such as polyurethane vibrating screen, sand washing machine, ball mill, single hydraulic cone crusher have been produced which help our clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their projects. In the coming year, we will continuously dedicated to serve our customers with high quality products and good faith service. All our stuff of Zhengzhou Zhongding Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd wish you a happy new year!We wish peace, health, happiness and good fortune are with you always!

Submission + - Zhongding Cement Ball Mill (

zoneding writes: Zhongding Machine has the annual output of 44,000 tons, 88,000 tons, 100,000 tons, 200,000 tons and 300,000 tons complete cement production line. We can provide on-site design, materials experimental, equipment installation and debugging, and the turnkey project of complete production line. Model PMG series high efficient ball mill have been designed with the merits of open circuit grinding system and important renovations on traditional ball mill . Besides they have all the good advantages of open circult mills,production capacityhas been raised substantially, product becomes super fine and blains have been increased.It has provided a new type of grinding equipment for producing high strength grade cement with high output and super finess. Model PMG ball mill has adopted special intergrate diaphragm and discharge grate to adjust material levels of every chamber so as to increase air ventilation and improve conditions inside mill; meanwhite it has also used new type of lining plate ,regulated mill rotation speed, optimized design of bearings so as to increase its operational stability,use life and grinding efficiency. After being put into practice, it is proved that its output has been increased about 20% and unit product power consumption has been reduced 10%-12% down under the conditions that other parameters have not been changed by comparison to other same sized ball mill. White being operated in open circuit, specific surface of cement could be reached up to 320cm2/kg Performance of it is up to national advanced standard .It has been awarded as well-known Brand Product of China Buliding Material Machinery Industry, "Well know Brand Products"," Appointed Manufacture of National Building Material Machinery Industry" and etc.

Submission + - SPAM: Zhongding Machinery

zoneding writes: With the arrival of 2010, as a key production enterprise in crushing field in Henan, Zhongding Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing seized the opportunity to introduce international advanced equipment processing technology and cooperate with well-known universities in China, Zhongding have developed 1200x1500 large jaw crusherwith the capacity of 500t/h and 3.2x13 large dry cement mill, both of them have well-off gotten through testing on site and smooth startup.
In the past year, Zhongding Machine seized advantages, focused on the development of their own competitive products (such as ball millgrinding mill/grinder mill, sand maker/sand making machine, beneficiation equipment/beneficiation machine)and cohesion of Beneficiation machine configuration and equipment.It is well known that crushing stage is necessary in the beneficiation complex, crushing equipment in many mining enterprises has become alike expert for slight differences products. However, our company pumped money into the intrduction of heat equipment to seperate our company from individual workshop. In this way, Zhongding machine made domestic customers know that our products is of reliable quality. Since foreign customers require more strictly in the appearance of equipments, Zhongding Machine pay more attention in this fields to succeed on the oversea market.

Heavy beneficiation process is the core of the whole process,our company cooperate with experts in famous domestic mine institute to deeply research various non-ferrous metals, black metals.Our company has rich experience in craft configuration and equipments selection, we hope both domestic and foreign customers planning to construct and select plant find economical investment and get the maximum return from our company.

Zhongding machinery will continuous develop following these principles: make serve as the core, make quality as the focus. We firmly believe Zhongding will have a better future .

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