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Final Season of Battlestar Galactica Confirmed 500

Ant writes "Via Dark Horizons, IESB reported from the 10th annual Saturn awards yesterday, and spoke with Battlestar Galactica stars Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff. Olmos confirmed that, as far as the show that's been running so far, the fourth season will be the last one. It's currently slated to start airing in January of 2008. 'Olmos says "This will probably be the most extraordinary season of 'Battlestar'. It's the final season, so it's definitely going to be the most vicious. As far as we know, in respects of the way we have this show constructed, this is the final season." Sackhoff says "I think part of the problem is that it's an expensive show. It is [a great show], but we don't have the viewership that a great show should get."'"

Submission + - Liquids as Future Data Storage

An anonymous reader writes: The researches from the University of Nottingham accidentally discovered that they can write and erase on the surface of so-called ionic liquids — the method that could one day be applied to high-density data storage, making templates for etching silicon chips (photolithography) and a variety of other materials applications.

Submission + - Star is found to be 13.2 billion years old

raguirre writes: reports that a star is found to be 13.2 billion years old . Recent cosmological studies show that the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago. The metal-poor star HE 1523 formed in our Milky Way galaxy soon afterwards, cosmologically speaking: 13.2 billion years ago. The primitive star contained the radioactive heavy elements uranium and thorium, and the amounts of those elements decay over time, each according to its own half-life. Today, astronomer Anna Frebel of the the University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory and her colleagues have deduced the star's age based on the amounts of radioactive elements it contains compared to certain other "anchor" elements, specifically europium, osmium and iridium.

Comment Re:Could have just said 'tracking cattle' (Score 2, Informative) 181

If you RTFA, you will note that the RFID tag is only readable from "Up to four feet away". Somehow I don't think that really counts as a great distance.
When's the last time you saw a doorway over 4-feet wide? Unless you plan on staying in the wide-open spaces the rest of your life, you're going to be scanned and tracked. All it takes is a simple scanning device and a building entrance. They already have tags and scanners at doors for tracking stolen, they just add a new scanner that tracks RFID and viola`. We track and store that data, throw it into a database maybe link a couple of other databases together and now we know where you are, who you're with and what you're buying--all the time... But you don't care, it's not like you're a criminal or a terrorist or anything..

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