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Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things, children (Score 1) 219

I've had a Facebook for 5 years, and a Myspace before that. I've never had any telemarketing calls, nor any signs of my identity being stolen. I don't mind if marketers are using my information to advertise me, at least they're adversing something I might be intrested in besides Penis Enlargment pills. There is nothing on my Facebook(or anywhere on the net that I posted) would ever put my job in jeopardy.

Oh and by the way: if you REALLY feel that way about it, then why not put up live internet cameras in your bedroom so we can watch you have sex with your wife?

just go to

After all, you have nothing to hide and you honestly don't care with what anyone does with your personal information, right?

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things, children (Score 1) 219

If you actually use your real name and personal information on any social networking site, then you are an idiot,

I use my real name and personal info on Facebook. I honestly don't care what they do with it. Most people don't care, the information they put on Facebook isn't really that much of a secret anyways.

Comment Re:the best. (Score 0) 553

But I think that *real* projects use either C or C++.

That is a terrible way to view the world. I've worked on several *real* projects that were not written in C or C++. Hell there's quite a bit of popular software out there used in the real world that were not written in C or C++.

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