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Comment Fork? (Score 1) 675

What we need is clean fork of Firefox which would have some kind of h264 support. It should follow otherwise upstream as closely as possible and be 100% compatible with extensions and themes. Of course MozCos trademarks should be avoided. So, a catchy domain, few devs and some marketing, and MozCos stubbornness wouldn't matter anymore. I'd guess even Google could help to sponsor this kind of project, as it's in their interest to get the format war over.

Comment Tests (Score 0, Redundant) 173

Lots and lots of tests and bechmarks. Looking good.

Intel 'Lynnfield' Core i5 750 and Core i7 870 Performance Testing Introduction :: TweakTown
Intel Core i5 and Core i7: Lynnfield CPUs reviewed - Intel, Core i5, Core i-750, Core i7, Core i7-860, Core i7-870, Lynnfield, Bloomfield, AMD Phenom II X4 - PC Games Hardware
Core i5 750 - Core i7 860 and 870 processor review - Review :: Intel Lynnfield Core i5 750, Core i7 860 and Core i7 870 CPU review: bombarding the mid-range : Page - 1/12
Legion Hardware
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AnandTech: Intel's Core i7 870 & i5 750, Lynnfield: Harder, Better, Faster Stronger[/QUOTE]
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Intel Lynnfield Core i5-750 & Core i7-870 Processor Review
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Intel Core i5, Core i7 800 Processors and P55 Express - HotHardware
Intel Core i5-750 Processor BX80605I5750 | Intel Core i5-750,BX80605I5750,Lynnfield,LGA1156,CPU,Proocessor, Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield LGA1156 CPU Benchmark Performance Test Processor Review | Benchmark Reviews Performance Tests
Intel Core i7 870/Core i5 750/P55 Express chipset Review :: Introduction ::
Intel Core i5 750 CPU review
Intel's Lynnfield Processor - LostCircuits
Intel Core i5 si Intel Core i7 Lynnfield in actiune | lab501
Core i5, Core i7, CrossFire, And SLI: Gaming Paradise, Redux? : Introduction - Review Tom's Hardware
Intel's Core i7/Core i5 'Lynnfield' Processors
Intel Core i5-750 , I7 870 and P55 - Introduction -
Second Advent of Nehalem: Core i7-870 and Core i5-750 Processors in LGA1156 Platform - X-bit labs

Comment Re:arm (Score 1) 173

I'd be interested to know how would a highly clocked, 8 core, ARM based CPU made at 45nm process and fitted to be compatible with some current tech (PCIe 16x for GPU and DDR3 memory) compare to anything offered at desktop market now. Of course there is the little problem with no actual software optimized for that kind of architecture.

Comment Re:Nevermind Performance per Watt (Score 1) 173

Best bang for buck CPU's are in the sub-$100 segment, maybe some dual-core Athlon, especially if you take the whole system cost into account. Lynnfield is designed for much bigger bang, at much higher cost, with lots of new tech (new socket, "new" memory(ddr3) etc).

Instead of asking best bang/buck, ask for largest bang at certain price point for cpu-mb-ram -combo. Also upgradability/longevity of the platform should be considered. With the new lynnfields you have large probability to have a viable upgrade path in the future, but with s775 its not as certain. Imho choosing CPU has never been more difficult than what it is now with i5 out. On the other hand, luckily most CPU's are powerful enough for average desktop usage. While some other CPU could be 10% faster than other in certain benchmark, in real life usage the differences usually aren't that clear, and performance should be adequate in most situations.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Con Kolivas returns! Brain F**K Scheduler is out. 2

myvirtualid writes: "Con Kolivas has done what he swore never to do: returned to the Linux kernel and written a new — and, according to him — waaay better scheduler for the desktop environment. In fact, BFS appears to outperform existing schedulers right up until one hits a 16 CPU machine, at which point he guesses performance would degrade somewhat. According to Kolivas, BFS

was designed to be forward looking only, make the most of lower spec machines, and not scale to massive hardware. ie [sic] it is a desktop orientated scheduler, with extremely low latencies for excellent interactivity by design rather than "calculated", with rigid fairness, nice priority distribution and extreme scalability within normal load levels.


Comment Re:Realistic?? (Score 1) 79

One recent "game" (more like simulation actually) to for realistic graphics is DCS: Black Shark. Yes, it runs on 5+ years old engine, and has some lowres textures and other rough edges. But still, I think it looks more realistic than some more technically advanced games (for example HAWX). Another comparison is ARMA 2, and OFP 2. Arma 2 has much plainer and realistic look than what i have seen videos of OFP2 so far. Arma 2 probably compares favorably even to aforementioned DCS:BS in realism, but cant really say as I haven't played it myself.

Submission + - How Pidgin plagiarized a fix for a 6 year old bug (

Felipe Contreras writes: "Story about how a 6 year old bug was finally fixed by a weekend of hacking by msn-pecan developers after being ignored by Pidgin developers, and then plagiarized.

The bug we are talking about is the infamous switchboard timeout error which was very elusive, it happened randomly, and very often for some users in unknown conditions. Essentially you send a message, and after one minute you receive a notification telling you the message never arrived, after which you need to resend the message, and hope it will arrive this time.


Linux Business

Submission + - Centos Lead is back (

epedersen writes: The CentOS Development team had a normal meeting today and Lance Davis was in attendance. In the meeting a majority of issues were resolved right away and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for any unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users moving forward. The CentOS project is now in control of the CentOS,org and domains and owns all trademarks, materials and in the CentOS distributions. We look forward to working with Lance quickly to complete all the agreed upon issues. More information should follow very early next week.

Comment Re:Too many releases! (Score 1) 195

Change distro to something that has slower release cycle like Debian, or longer support like Ubuntu LTS, or no releases like Arch. Using Linux-based OS is all about choice, you can see it as a downside or upside. On the other hand, its usually assumed that your configurations etc(='running the way I wanted') don't break (much) if you update, at least if you haven't missed any releases in between.

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