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The Almighty Buck

Journal zogger's Journal: Before and After..who got it right on the economy 5

Motley Fool has an interesting little article looking at some economic bears earlier predictions before this year, and then what they say is probable for 2009.

So, what say you? For the record, make your predictions! Mine should be obvious,. I have consistently said they have a tendency to lowball the negative in advance and exalt the positive. My prediction therefore is continuing crunch and a drop in..everything. You can't base an economy on purchasing and spending (consuming) or rearranging (social engineering masquerading as governing) previously made "wealth", it *has* to be based on producing new wealth as the top priority. And seeing as how the US stopped doing that a long time ago, and our fearless leaders seem bound and determined to increase that trend away from true wealth production, the economy will continue to crash.

but..I am sure others will vary, so give it your best shot!

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Before and After..who got it right on the economy

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  • Somewhere in some back-woods garage/workshop (in the US), some demented individual who doesn't know any better will invent the energy/power storage and transport system of the century, and will publish the ridiculously simple how-to: hundreds of mirroring sites will ensure the information doesn't get buried, and the upheavals throughout society and the back-room rich and powerful will echo for decades. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a project I've been working on...

    • We could be lobbying at for the feds to release all the seized old Tesla notes and papers they snagged from his hotel room when he died. That and a review of the "restricted" patents, especially as pertains energy they have under lock and key. They should also eminent domain seize the patents for large NiMH batteries that stoopid Exxon bought and buried, and release it into public domain.

      You see, I think free or cheap energy has probably been solved, numerous times, it just would upset too many l

  • Since our economy is, at its core, faith based, we believe that money has value; all that's needed is belief. If Obama can provide that we'll turn around in a matter of months. If not. Well...
    • ...that is the real plan after all, there is a chance of success. If, as I have long suspected, that this latest severe economic series of disasters was designed at the highest levels as a crime for various power accumulating and wealth transference purposes, then it won't matter much, because so far, the planetary power goons are winning. They want a world government, sort of a corporate fascist setup, with basically only two classes, the new Technofeudalism. Call it the NWO. Their world, newly minted, the

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