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Comment Sensationlist click bait again (Score 4, Informative) 540

First there's a way to adjust the password settings on iPads: Settings > iTunes and App Store > Password Settings. Set it to Always Require for paid apps and in app purchases and Do not require for free downloads. But that's all moot in this case because the kid did know the password and the account is linked to a credit card. It's like he gave his son key to the gun cabinet and later blame the gun manufacturer when the kid hurts himself. Bad bad parenting. The article also mentioned that he should received several email receipts for these purchases. That's Apple's way of reaching out to him and say "something is suspicious". What does he really want? A police officer knocking on his door telling him that there have been big charges on his CC?

In the end though, Apple did reimburse him all the money what else is left to grunge about? Had he given his kid an Android, the situation would have been the same: kids swipe the parent's CC clean. I have no doubt Google would promptly reimburse him, just like Apple did. However, this article was written only because it involved Apple.

Comment Goodbye Nintendo (Score 4, Interesting) 129

The Apple TV isn't marketed as a gaming console. It's advertised as a streaming box that also has games. The kind of simple whack-a-mole or platform-jumping games--the casual games. That is the same target audience with Nintendo's consoles. The iPhone/iPads are killing Nintendo's handheld devices, now the Apple TV is a threat to console too.

The serious gamers, who are willing to pay full price for AAA titles, will always want top-notch graphics. That means a gaming PC, a PS4 or an Xbox. As good as ARM processors are, they can't beat high-end dedicated graphic cards.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 2) 103

Yes you are talented. Yes you helped us find a security flaw. But you are too stupid and irresponsible to publish it on the Chrome store. The right way to impress your future employer is to demonstrate it to them, privately.

Can I get a job with Secret Service by penetrating them to approach within 10 feet of Obama?

Comment Re:The company is suing FAKE reviews (Score 4, Informative) 210

(1) A few weeks after they finished remodeling my house, my toddler suffered disfiguring injuries from an accident involving the new stove. The CPS came out to investigate and arrested my boyfriend, but dropped all charges immediately upon seeing the hazardous installation performed by Link Corporation. If you have young ones in the house, avoid this business at all costs! EDIT: After posting this review the owner threatened me via email and used highly derogatory language that cannot be repeated here -- from Richmond, CA. 0 friend, 1 review.

Owners response: Right FAKE FAKE FAKE if this was true how come your insurance company or the police or cslb or anyone has never contacted us. I tell you why this is not even real. This person all these negative reviews are random Pics Google images and you will see who these people are.. Google images all negative Reviews are fake. Good news is this individual is digging himself into a deep hole..

(I couldnt find (2) on Yelp)

(3) Links work quality is pretty decent, but their professionalism leaves much to be desired. During a recent remodel I overheard the workers making crude and insensitive comments about my family background when they thought I was out of earshot. Theyve lost my respect and my business. -- from Atherton, CA. 0 friend, 1 review.

Owners response: Hi I am the owner of Link corporation. Funny how we get 2 bad reviews same day yet we have never met you. If you can prove a contract an email estimate or business card to show it was our company I will buy you a vacation to Europe fly you first class any where.. There is another company trying to copy located in Cupertino called Link build and design, Our lawyers sent a letter to that company to stop using our name. Please you can call our office directly or myself we will show you it was not us we have no problems except people making things up online. Prove it was our company and please remove this review

(4) These people talk a good game to get you to sign on the dotted line, but when it comes to execution the work is substandard and there will be constant "unforeseen" delays. Also they pressure you to leave positive reviews, which I found a little unseemly. -- Palo Alto, CA. 9 friends, 4 reviews.

Owners response: Right I do not know who you are but we never have problems. You must be part of a Nigerian scam show any kind of proof were we did work for you or someone we had problems with. Fake review for 1 person writing all bad crap..We are friends with 99% of all our customers we always have at least 4 homes under construction that anyone can visit and talk with our clients

(5) John was hired at a moments notice based on recommendation from a worker in the Lowes plumbing department. And while the job started well, in the end his company left the old galvanized pipe inside all walls on a whole house copper repipe job. I had to fire him and hire another contractor to finish the job. -- Los Gatos, CA. 20 friends, 32 reviews

Owners response: This guy is on drugs and this is not valid Post..We have pride and 100% care in all the work we do and i want all our jobs perfect..This scam man has never ever contacted our company except during the holidays asking for donations.. He has no friends and no proof.. We have never ever in 23 years done any work in los gatos Nothing..99.9% of all our jobs our Referrals..

(6) The john olin he send plumber for change house pipe. Plumber he work four days he finish, pipe make noise. Like hammer loud noise turn on water. Pipe not right, San Jose plumber fix pipe no john Olin. Jim. -- Cupertino, LA. 3 friends, 7 reviews.

Owners response: We have been bombarded by fake reviews the last few days and are having our Legal Team pursue action against these people. In the 23 years that we have been in business, we have not done any work just for pipe-work. We have only done 2 homes in Cupertino and they were both whole house remodels and electrical panel & wiring upgrades. If any of our clients had any issues with our work, they would have contacted us directly and we would have made sure to fix everything. Please provide documentation that Link Corporation was responsible for the work if you claim it was done by us

(8) We hired Link Corporation for a sizeable demo and construction job. In short, it turned in to a comedy of errors. Failed inspections (plural), Link workers saying things couldnt be done that another company eventually completed with ease, unfinished work passed off as complete until called out on it, and extreme frustration with owner John. It wasnt anything that would wind up in court, but it was an experience that got our blood boiling many times with one excuse after another from this guy. Eventually we politely informed John that his services were no longer needed and brought in a new team that cleaned up Links job, performed the work that Link told us they could not, and finished everything quickly and painlessly. -- Los Altos, CA. 0 friend, 2 reviews

The owner (John Olin) has been very aggressive in defending his business. That alone isnt illegal. Before you bombard him as stifling free speech, have you considered that its a competitor posting fake reviews to take away his business? Many of those users look pretty suspicious.

Comment One port to rule them all... (Score 2) 179

Finally. Someone as Intel figured that pushing both types of connector that they invented is not such a smart thing.

One port to rule them all. One place to find them
One cable to bring them in and in Thunderbolt bind them

Now let those who bought those $50 Thunderbolt cable cry about bloody murder.

Comment Re:Perception (Score 4, Insightful) 420

I'm a graphic designer and photography enthusiast. I'm typing this on a NEC PA242W color-calibrated monitor, in a near-dark room. That dress is white and gold. the white part has a blue tint but I wouldn't call it blue. The colors look the same on my iPhone 5S. When I bring the iPhone outside, the blue tinge is more apparent (a short of light sky-blue) and the gold/brown turn darker, somewhat into the black category.

The different isn't in the screens, it's in your eyes, caused by environmental light. A sunny day at noon can be 100x brighter than even a well-lit room with floor-to-ceiling windows. If it's sunny in your location right now, try this: find a view point where you can frame both the sky and a patch of dirt land (no grass or foliage). Put the camera in manual mode, pick a shutter speed, manual daylight white-balance (6500K) and a low ISO, start with a large aperture (like f/4) and gradually step it down (like f/22). The sky will appear more blue and the ground will appear darker.

That's exactly what our eyes do. In darker places, the pupils open up to accept more lights, the highlights (blueish-white) gets push up to white but mid-tones and shadows are preserved. In bright places, the opposite happen: lower mid-tones and shadows are pushed to near-black, highlights are pulled down to reveal the blue accent.

Comment Re:Thank you for reminding us. (Score 5, Insightful) 108

He dedicated his body to his conviction, he personally suffered for what he believes is the path to a better life, he left this world in a peaceful and voluntary mean. He didn't bomb another religion, or shoot the infidels, or behead the non-believers. To each his own religion. Religions only become bad when they creeps up on others.

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