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Comment Old... young... stupid isn't age dependent (Score 1) 453

I see plenty of senior staff members, well and truly over-the-hill types, who are just as bad about using their phones in meetings. 20 somethings are going to take their lead on how to act in a meeting from their peers. If you clearly set an example of what is OK and not OK in a meeting, this isn't a problem but many Managers don't bother to manage. Do yourself a favor and don't bring your phone into a meeting, at all. If you really MUST be connected, weight what is more important to your personal reputation at that moment. Disrupting the meeting and taking a communication, or realizing part of your job is to be fully committed to the place you're at.

Comment chirp chirp (Score 1) 289

I was going to comment and point people to this thread, since many of you have pointed out exactly why this problem exists. However when I went to find out how wide this press release was distributed I found it was just some hack job done by a PR firm. This never made it into any kind of mainsteam media, just trade publications/websites. Raytheon might as well be shouting into the wind.

Comment Android (Score 2) 772

Half Dalek, Half Timelord! Time stream cross-species re-integration! Just kill off Dr Who and make the show about his kid. Then stick it in the Firefly universe for half the season until it learns how to use a Tardis properly. SHOVE IN ALL THE OPTIONS!

Comment Whiners club (Score 1) 284

Why should academics get any kind of 'special' professional treatment on this issue? Just because the university didn't enforce this rule before doesn't mean you get to whine over it now. I work for a national manufacturing corporation, as a designer, but I know that everything I create 'on the job' belongs to the company. That's why they pay you, to provide the talent, to be a resource they can draw from. If you want to develop online courses and keep the rights, do it outside of your day job as an independent contractor. Please come to grips with the fact that you are not a 'special' individual just because you teach kids all day. I think my work is pretty awesome, but I have no illusions that down the road the company may decide to change it to suit a new need or political strategy. That's why I have a separate, personal business, so that I can develop my own work without fear of copyright issues. Take what you've learned and move on.

Comment Paired with unlimited storage (Score 1) 496

It's not what you can think of its what you never considered this device could be used for. Thinking just how people use thier phones, imagine something you didn't have to hold or prop up that can stream video or click pictures whenever you want. A family member could wear it and stream a funeral for others who couldn't attend. Parents could take video of thier kids while changing a baby while fending off a rouge dodgeball. Journalists could unobtrusively observe an interact with groups and people in a more natural way. Mugging victims could set thier glasses to shoot pictures of thier assailants that would immediately upload to an off-site server. You could play back last nights drunken revelry because you lost track around 2am and your buddy said that girl was way uglier than you thought she was. I could go on all day with examples but for the most part it's the amazing uses that an average person comes up with that justify the technology.

Comment Despicably cheap (Score 1) 155

Amazon and the big publishers have kept the price of books at where they are today, they take a chunk and give a laughable amount back to the author. You want to rail against a $15 ebook being published by one of those guys, I'm all for it, their cut should be considerably less. However if you want to complain about a $8 ebook put out by an author, on their own, who has to do ALL the marketing and ALL the legwork on top of spending a sizable portion of a year to create that book... go fly a kite. You pay $10 to Netflix to get dozens of ours of entertainment a month. You pay $18 to see a movie for 2 hours. You plunk down $20 to drink beer, have some wings and enjoy a 3 hour football game at the bar. $15 for an ebook, which gives you at least 10 hours of entertainment is not unreasonable.

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