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Comment Learn Unix (Score 5, Insightful) 346

I have found that far and away the most important thing that my Computer Science program at University has required of me is that I learn Unix. Both of the scripting languages that you mention (PHP and Python) are, in a sense, descended Bash/Shell, and you will find that most of what you will be doing with them is automating procedures that could otherwise (though less practically) be accomplished via command-line utilities like cat, sed, grep, wget/cUrl, etc. The internet is essentially built up around Unix paradigms (those "/"s in URLs: the Unix directory separator, and full URL paths are generally representative of the contents of an actual subdirectory -- the web root -- on the server. I'm sure I'm telling most slashdotters something that they have known since their early teens, but the question is being asked by a beginner), so knowing how to work a Unix (or Posix) OS like any one of the major Linux distributions will be invaluable for you and, I would say, should be your starting point.

Submission + - How to list FOSS experience on your resume (

Esther Schindler writes: "You may be hesitant to apply for a new job based on your "volunteer" open source skills. Don't be, writes Esther Schindler at As techie hiring managers explain in Building Your Open Source Career, listing open source experience on your resume makes you more appealing, not less so. Groovy. But few FOSS activities fit into the CV/resume structure. What to Include in Your Open Source Resume shares advice from the folks looking at your job application on how they expect to see your skills and experience listed. Useful information for your next job hunt."

Submission + - A Software Factory Approach to Software Delivery (

ibmrational writes: "Toyota became famous with its maxim, "No work without process, no process without metrics". But can we apply those same principals to the creative endeavor of team-based software development? Join Rational CTO and Distinguished Engineer Alan Brown as he explores the benefits and potential pitfalls of a software factory approach to team-based software and systems delivery."

Submission + - University of New Brunswick Student Union Adopts O (

Dr.Merkwurdigeliebe writes: "The University of New Brunswick's Student Union has passed a motion to use open source software internally, as well as advocate for its use in the "university community." Although the Student Union has no power over the university administration, it is hopeful to see students taking action on this issue."

Submission + - Android app sales utterly failing 1

cerberusss writes: "Mobile development company Larva Labs reports on the sales of their game apps for the Google backed Android market, an alternative for Apple's App Store. And the reports are pretty bad. In a piece called Android Market Sales, Are Those Tears or is it Raining in Here?, they ask themselves:

The Apple App Store is worth $200M monthly, whereas the Android market is worth a paltry $5M. As sad as that comparison may be, from our experience the total is probably much lower. We know from experience that below position 25 on the top selling games the earnings drop off to almost zero. To back that up a bit, we're going to release our latest Android sales data.


Submission + - Most useful UNIX tool? 1

Kinky Bass Junk writes: sed
echo "Cowboy Neal"

Also, surely there's an easier way to submit polls?

OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide 48

Martin Ecker writes "Mobile phones and other embedded devices are getting more and more powerful each year. The availability of dedicated hardware for 3D rendering is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and the latest mobile phones come with 3D hardware acceleration that rivals the power of desktop graphics hardware. OpenGL ES 2.0 is the latest version of a cross-platform, low-level graphics API to utilize these new resources available in embedded devices. The OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide published by Addison-Wesley Publishing aims to help the reader make use of the full power of OpenGL ES 2.0 to create interesting 3D applications." Keep reading for the rest of Martin's review.

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