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Submission + - CDE 2.2.1 is released. ( 1

idunham writes: Version 2.2.1 of the Common Desktop Environment was released on March 1, featuring several bugfixes/warning fixes/portability improvements, localization, and a new port. UTF8 support has been greatly improved, to go with a new Greek UTF8 translation; an en_US.UTF8 locale was also added. dtinfo now builds and works (at least on Linux and FreeBSD). The new NetBSD port expands the BSD support to the big 3: FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.

Comment Spotify T & Cs (Score 2, Informative) 96

Looked at their terms and conditions a while ago when it came up on a newsgroup I'm no longer subscribed to. Firstly, you become part of a P2P advertising network. Then they can change their T & Cs by altering their website and your continued use of their product means you've accepted their new terms. No, thankyou.

When I mentioned this on the newsgroup their answer was "But it's free". Hence why I'm no longer subscribed.

Binary only linux software? Pffft.

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