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Comment There are good programs in English (not free...) (Score 1) 528

Various German universities also offer study programs in English with the possibility of learning German on the side. Arguably the most systematic and broadest choice of options is at Jacobs University ( (Disclaimer: I teach there.) These programs are typically not free (ours are not), but they still provide very good value as compared to out-of-state tuition or tuition at private universities in the US.

It should be mentioned that American students tend to struggle more than others, especially in the theoretical science and engineering disciplines, even though enthusiasm and motivation is high. Still, for students prepared to work hard, a very good alternative to some of the top-ranked US universities. And studying in Europe will provide a perspective on the world unlike any one would get at home...

Comment Re:Google going for the jugular! (Score 1) 72

If Google gets this onto enough devices, then little by little they will dictate the de-facto standard for OOXML, i.e., how it's "really" supposed to work and render beyond the ECMA paperwork, and Microsoft will have to make sure that their programs will be Google compatible. Google might just have enough market share to fully commoditize word processors and spread sheets, something that OO/LO started but did not get beyond the tipping point.

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