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Comment Re:Citation needed (Score 4, Informative) 103

is it ? "Our results indicate that the adult early visual cortex is so plastic that mere repetition of the activity pattern corresponding to a specific feature in the cortex is sufficient to cause VPL of a specific orientation, even without stimulus presentation, conscious awareness of the meaning of the neural patterns that participants induced, or knowledge of the intention of the experiment. How is the present research on VPL distinguished from previous approaches? Unit recording and brain imaging studies have successfully revealed the correlation between VPL and neural activity changes (1–8). However, these correlation studies cannot clarify cause-and-effect relationships. The studies that examined the effect of a lesion (15) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) (16, 17) to a brain region on VPL have shown whether the examined region plays some role in VPL. However, these studies cannot clarify how particular activity patterns in the region are related to VPL. In contrast, the present decoded fMRI neurofeedback method allowed us to induce specific neural activity patterns in V1/V2, which caused VPL. "

Comment Simulated Evolution (Score 1) 429

The idea of humans going into a machine no longer new, but I thought it would have been more interesting to have programs come out into the new world, opening up the possibilities of taking human evolution into a next stage. The fact that the ISO made it out was a starting point, but if that's an intro to the sequel, then this installment was a waste of money.

Comment Heuristical Customer Scheduler, anyone? (Score 1) 464

We always knew that throughput and response time do not agree. but what about having a display at the EFTPOS displaying customer clearance rate for every single line? In that way customers can perceive themselves as making an informed decision as to which queue they want to be cleared in, while more efficient queues can in fact get more of the workload. And since the customer made the active choice which queue he/she wants to be in, they will feel more personally responsible for whatever speed the queue is moving at.

Comment Wrong channel (Score 4, Insightful) 367

PCMag is not a music magazine. If it were, there would be ground for such contention; blaming PCMag is saying that a medical journal is pornographic. But then again, the "music industry" isn't at all about music and is not as much concerned about delivering music as it is about owning all the content that exists out there.

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