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Comment Re:TI calculators are not outdated, just overprice (Score 1) 359

The problem with different venders is they would have a different procedure to do different things. They want everyone to have the same one so they only have to explain it once. I agree with you that it does what it does and why and that the price is out of control. Not that they need something more. I still have my ti-82 on the shelf... hah

Comment This is just how people are. (Score 5, Insightful) 710

People have a choice. Different cooking fuels, different hearing sources, not using A/C, Driving a smaller car (electric cars are not very piratical for a lot of people). This just goes to show that most people who bitch and complain aren't willing to to do without. They want to force the change at the top. Power companies/society. This will not work. They don't see how closing US coal plant just moves it overseas, put our people out of work and more. If anything you want it in the us where it is more tightly regulated! I say give them what they want close all US coal/natural gall plants tomorrow. Coal 39% Natural Gas 27%. With 66% less power, you won't be doing much of anything. and will shut the fuck up about climate change when you feel the real impact of it. Do what is right, conserve where you can and let the industry evolve naturally.

Submission + - Stephen Hawking's Biggest Mistake. (foxnews.com)

zippo01 writes: "Stephen Hawking now says light and information may be able to escape from black holes, doing an about-face on the objects that helped cement his reputation as the world’s preeminent scientist, New Scientist reports." Though the article say black holes are not perfectly round, possible allowing light/information to escape, it doesn't sound easy.

Comment I don't see why this was unexpected (Score 4, Interesting) 564

This just isn't news to me. There is a large percentage of people that don't really need a PC todo what they do. play online, email, Social media, shop, pictuers, etc.... Until a few years ago the PC was the only way todo this so, they bought a PC. They bought an item that designed todo work and tweeked for home use, so it was overly complex for most. Along came the smart phone and tablet. Small, portable, works, it's SIMPLE and does everything they want/need it todo. Couple that with the slowing of PC speeds advances and new techknology, it is no wornder PC sales are down. They will continue to go down until they reach their new equilibrium.

Submission + - Yahoo sells off its URL stash (foxnews.com)

zippo01 writes: Yahoo is looking to sell off several 29 of its URL's for 3.5 million. "Yahoo is going through some very, very early spring cleaning by selling off a stash of 29 Web domains, including gems like crackers.com, sled.com, and religious.net. OK, that last one might not be such a hot commodity – but it’ll still cost you between $10,000 and $24,000."

Comment Aaaah TSA (Score 1) 218

I almost only read /. for its plethora of TSA stories and comments. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy i'm not the only one who gets love from the TSA. They love me so much that every time I fly, they give me a quick chop to the crotch and all I have to do is refuse the all seeing scanners.

Comment Its just a dumb idea (Score 5, Insightful) 814

Why would anyone buy this? Its a horrible product idea. Take a reliable device and fuck with it. All I want is to know that when I point and click it goes off. Not, my hand isn't held right, the battery is dead, i'm in a fight and its covered in mud, or its just dusty and it malfunctions. Or even worse and a delay, which could cause you to be off target or allow someone else to enter the sight picture. It is a self defeating idea. If you are worried about child protection, buy a safe, teach your kid gun safety. Carry it with you. I could go on for ever.

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