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Comment Read this first!! Then think again. (Score 1) 164

Everyone in the free world should read the closing statements from the members of the punk band Puss Riot http://nplusonemag.com/pussy-riot-closing-statements- A fascinating insight in how the oppressive system works on individual levels.

One defendant's psych eval identified her values as: "justice, mutual respect, humaneness, equality, and freedom."

Those are values that I hope still define the majority of people in the free world!
And we should NEVER forget to defend them in our societies.

Comment Re:Large organization doing something simple (Score 1) 305

I do not know anything about the NYT. But I have seen large European corporations: 5 layers of management: 3-4 of these layers doing nothing but exchanging and adjusting project plans (using Power Point!) with each other - and of course: finding arguments to increase their project's budgets. And of course making a lot of fuss about their busyness. I have also heard of a project which needed to cut costs. This is what they did: add another one or two managers, reduce the staff of developers (who do the actual work) by two and cut all others' hourly wages. If a project has a good manager, that is great! But unfortunately my experience tells me that for every great manager there are about 20 managers who act like a trainee.

Submission + - Translating flags in API calls (wordpress.com)

Source Code Adventures writes: Windows API calls often include flags, which are just combinations of various constants that you then need to go find in the documentation. Delphi allows you to create type-safe imports of these functions that are safer and much more intuitive to use.

Submission + - Google, Facebook, Twitter, Others Miss Big Picture (bnet.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: You hear a lot of comparison between companies. Google will beat Microsoft, or Microsoft will devastate Google. Twitter will become the New Google, or the New Facebook, or the New Media. Yahoo will become the New Yahoo. You get the idea. But there are two things that become obvious when you think a moment. One is that all these companies are juggling for a future business landscape dominated by communications. The other is that they're all trying to fit a complex issue into their own undersized boxes. No one tool solves all communications needs, and to pretend they do is to ignore what really needs to be done.

Submission + - A radical idea for making Math education relevant (ted.com)

TEDChris writes: "Mathematician Arthur Benjamin thinks it's a big mistake to make calculus the pinnacle of high school Math. In just 3 minutes he makes a killer argument that a core understanding of probability and statistics would be far more relevant today. This strikes me as an "idea worth spreading", no?"

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