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Comment Re:...and adults too. (Score 2) 616

I have egg allergies and I am exempted from the MMR and Flu vaccines in Georgia and Mississippi, which is the most "mandatory" vaccine state, which have stringent laws against belief based exemptions. All states recognize medical exemptions for usual forms of vaccines. I will probably get the MMR under an allergist care in the office anyway since I never got the MMR combo vaccine, I got them one at a time as they came to market in 60's and the mid-60s Measles vaccine is not a effective as it should be.

Comment Re:Great cause, dumb ass cops (Score 2) 199

No, these cops want to scare the sh*t out of data center employees because they can. They don't care that they probably cannot convict a single person, the process of arrest and the prospect of months of imprisonment without any evidence, and withholding necessary medical care, is enough for people to make a plea deal.

When the police want to make your life hell they can arrest you every other week, trumping up charges and dropping them within hours, and seize your property until you can't pay your lawyer anymore. Nothing short of them being fired or prosecuted would make it stop.

Comment Re:SummaryBait (Score 1) 199

Riiiight! I also have oceanfront property in Alberta I want to sell you.

I about guarantee mass arrests of the employees of the data center and 1 to 3 years unjust imprisonment for all of them until the day before the trial with maybe a few going to trial or have half of the employees get time served in plea deals, sentencing them all to have a felony record and to work for low wage jobs the rest of their miserable lives just because, well, just because.

I hope to God that I am wrong on this!!! PLEASE let me be wrong on this!

Comment Re:Live (Score 1) 233

How many thousands and thousands, maybe millions, were steered to study Science and Engineering because of one actor playing an alien in a low rated science fiction series. It is truly remarkable and fascinating that one man could change the world for the better in such a way that we will not know the extent of this influence.


Comment Re:Star Trek gave us a future to shoot for. (Score 1) 233

There is nothing to get humanity to lose it sh*t then to have tons of crises. After a few mere decades from the numerous essential crises that Mankind has to endure (First Contact, the Post Atomic Horror, the Genetic War, the Klingon War, the Romulan War) and the technology to end scarcity of essentials the people in Star Trek TOS would seem to be a little corny to us. They are optimists not because they are hippies or corny but because they future is still full of brand new awesome compared to the nearly two centuries of absolute murder, mayhem, and confusion. You see a change in Star Trek TNG, where they don't know anything different but having everyone's basic needs provided, except on colonies that went straight to hell.

Comment Re:Thank You, Delegation of Powers (Score 1) 599

Congress, with past Presidents sign the acts, has authorized the Federal Government to regulate all Telecommunications by passing the Telecommunication Act of 1934 and again in Telecommunication Act of 1996. FCC is carrying out that law as it sees fit within the framework of the law. It is up to the President and Congress to have a check on the implementation of these laws by the FCC. If any agency exceeds its lawful mandate I cannot help that the President and Congress refuse to exercise or enable this overreach.

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 599

Exactly, liberty for whom? It was the "government" that causes high speed internet to be monopolized in the first place with "rights of way" rules for Cable TV. That means Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter do not compete with each other thanks to the "government". If Comcast makes NetFlix and Google unusable but Time Warner is cool with them can I sign up for Time Warner? Nope. Only Comcast can have CATV cable in my area.

Comment Re:Bring on the lausuits (Score 1) 599

That POV is strange to me since it was the Federal and State governments that ultimately created the area monopolies enjoyed by Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter. If Comcast decides to block NetFlix because they want you to use their Xfinity on Demand instead, can I cancel Comcast to go with Time Warner because I have no other connectivity choice but cable interest or slow DSL? Nope, I am in "Comcast's territory". By the way, this nearly happened to all Comcast customers, but Comcast decided to slow down the traffic from NetFlix until they coughed up millions of dollars to Comcast to get slow down to end.

So you still think that the FCC should not stop this from happening again or something worse?

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