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Comment Re:Heavier than air flight is impossible (Score 1) 350

N-machine is just a homopolar DC generator, look it up. They have low internal impedance so can make very high currents if low impedance circuit attached...but there is nothing magical about them. They do have niche practical applications, some older synchotrons use them as high current source. They don't create energy out of nothing, they convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. Any commercial venture of a grid power plant trying to use one would fail to anyone who used good generator of modern design for the same task.

Comment Re:OpenBSD + Truecrypt + Rip Anywhere MP3 player (Score 1) 36

how are you going to type in the password for truecrypt every time you want to listen to a song? otherwise, The Man will just yank the device from you while operating and discover your illegal wares. why openbsd? I like it for servers, good networked security for remote access but with physical access to an mp3 appliance there are probably no advantages

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