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Comment Re:Speed? (Score 1) 67

If I'm not mistaken, WiFi has also traditionally been half duplex. This may have changed with some of the newer N stuff tho, I haven't really kept up. So that would definitely cause problems. That being said, if a half duplex link can kill NFS performance, I can only imagine what that would have been like in the days of thinnet.

Comment Re:How are they finding you? (Score 1) 319

Not to mention, the only actual MAC address that would remotely matter would be the Modem's MAC address. And that would only matter until the next hop when the packet was out of that collision domain (Ok, probably more like outside the hands of your ISP since they have your information on file)

I don't see why people are so paranoid about their MAC addresses, I could maybe see in a coffee shop where someone can pull the AP's logs, but across the Internet, the only one who's gonna be able to see anything relating to your MAC address is going to be your ISP, and considering that they frequently identify customer's by the MAC address of their modem, that's not like its something that can change.

Its not like I've ever ranted about this before or anything.

Comment So True (Score 1) 147

I just bought a new car a few months ago, and I've definitely noticed my driving style is entirely different now.

I'm all about a simple dash, a stick shift, and few distractions; driving is one of the few times that I can sit down and focus non stop on something.
In my new car, I find my self having to fight bad habits of fiddling with the radio and all the extra gizmos my car has.

Comment Re:I'll take getting a job Alex (Score 2) 630

Of course there comes the awkward phase of solo hobbyist transitioning to professional work. I've been studying to get into Linux administration, and I'll get talking with some of my other linux-y friends about our latest projects and there's a definite breakdown. They're talking about playing with the latest distros, I'm talking about building a storage pool for a KVM cluster or something. we just give each other mutual blank stares and change the conversation.

Comment Re:always protect the low end (Score 1) 134

I've become a bit notorious for walking around the office wearing a pair of giant studio monitors plugged into my ipad. Its usually just because I don't want to dedicate another device to playing music, but I don't want to stop my music when I get up... that being said, I don't usually do it outside of work

Comment Re:wow (Score 4, Interesting) 370

The way I see it is that there is definitely a happy medium to having a facebook. I mean, you don't have to use all the functionality of it. I don't 'like' random things I find on there play any of the games or anything, I rarely post status updates, I periodically upload a picture or 2. Its mainly just an easy central point of contact for people. I see facebook as being similar to having my name in the phone book. And if someone is paranoid about being tracked, well, that's what noscript and adblock+ are for.

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