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Comment It's not just Facebook (Score 2) 284

This is a problem with any social media or news aggregation site that allows for unchecked echo chambers. It's an issue for people of all politics and will crop up anywhere someone can consume media and news unchecked. "Fixing" this on Facebook will only push it elsewhere. Can we fix human nature? Should we?

Submission + - How Researchers are Using a Drone to Discover Connected Devices in Austin (

pjauregui writes: A team of researchers at security company Praetorian wanted to discover how many IOT-friendly devices were being used in Austin, TX, and found that the best way to do so would be to outfit a drone with the company’s custom built connected-device tracking appliance and have it fly over the city.

As part of its Internet of Things Map Project, Praetorian released an interactive map showing the number of connected devices in Austin along with the names of device manufacturers and whether those gadgets were used in commercial, residential, or industrial zones.

It found that nearly 1,600 connected devices are being used in Austin, the majority in residential areas. From the map, you can see that that there are 453 connected Sony devices and 110 Philips Lighting connected products in Austin, making those companies the biggest suppliers of connected devices in the area.

Praetorian partnered with DroneSense, a local drone startup, in Austin for the project.

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