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Comment Re:Sorry kids (Score 1) 739

I already use Ubuntu 100% on my machines at home and work, apart from when I need to remote desktop into Windows servers

Assuming you just need standard Windows remote desktop (RDP), rdesktop (sudo apt-get install rdesktop) will probably do everything you need. Perhaps you are using some exotic remoting protocol.

Comment Re:Cue the Douglas Adams references! (Score 1) 329

He mentioned it first in a radio series, which is excellent. If you've read the book(s) and avoided the radio series, you are doing yourself a real disservice. I made the mistake of listening to the radio version first, and it ruined the books for me (so much of the humor from the radio series didn't translate to book form).

Comment Re:Fair enough (Score 1) 785

I am curious, what do people object to regarding the Awesome Bar? I find it saves me a lot of time Googling for a website I've been to before (or maintaining a huge bookmark list of every site I might want to return to). Is it too slow on some hardware? It's always been fast (enough) for me on semi-modern hardware.

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