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Comment Re:ok, now here's the REAL reason! (Score 1) 1243

There's a ton of comments like yours, I just stopped here to respond.
1) Installing programs on it is easier than any Windows install I have ever done.
2-3) The programs are placed in logical menus and sub-menus (not a long list with a random order like Windows.

I won't go into detail on the ease of Linux. I don't think anyone that has used Ubuntu recently could argue. On the flip side, my wife just got a new dell laptop. She spent around three hours updating the computer and downloading apps (firefox, picasa, etc). She has some apps that she can't use because there's some licensing problems at the movement.

I suspect that many of you guys that work in IT are actually unaware of how many problems people have with Windows. Many issues are handled by a co-worker that knows a little more than average about computers. In my office, I'm that guy. You just got an email but can't get the attachment to open... I'm the guy that figures it out for you. As far as ease of use goes, Windows really has nothing on a modern Linux distro.

The average user won't go to Linux just because they're scared of it. If their power user buddy doesn't use Linux, they won't get any help. My brother doesn't know crap about computers and would go to Linux if I told him to but he lives 600 miles away. I know he'll have more trouble with Windows but at least he has some people close by to help him. Almost all average users don't do anything that can't be done on Linux. Surf the web, play with pictures, maybe a word document every once in a while. When they need a new computer, they ask their computer buddy to pick it out and set it up.

The real question is why don't power users switch to Linux? Apps, duh. My wife is a power user. She has seen how easy Ubuntu is. Her jaw dropped when I showed her how I add new programs. She loved the compiz features for productivity and eye candy. She saw how fast her old computer ran running Linux. She asked how well it runs Excel and then she walked out of the room after I gave her the answer. To be fair, I only use it on a spare computer. IMHO, the power users are the roadblock to Linux's acceptance.

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