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Comment Re:On a semi-related note (Score 1) 124

As a managed service provider, we use Teamviewer constantly to support customers. It's a legitimate company offering quick remote services that's easy (for the end user) to install for quick temporary help. We also use Kaseya which offers a full feature client but the licensing is very expensive so we use that for clients who are willing to pay more for a support contract with 24x7 logging, patch management, etc..

Comment Re:it's been out one week. (Score 1) 129

Casual gaming is about the complexity of the games you enjoy. It's the engine, the controls, etc. all of that. That is also the dividing line of comparing smart phones/tablets to consoles. Yes you can play casual or complex games on both but the hardware usually lends to: Mobile/tablet = simpler games, Console/PC = complex. My mom may play the hell out of Candy Crush but is still considered a casual due to the complexity of the game she enjoys. I had her try my PS4 once and the number of buttons on the controller drove her away.

Comment Re:So if I'm reading this right (Score 1) 235

No. The police should know the law. Unless I missed something, it's their fucking job! The point missed in the article is the amount of fabricated evidence used to make the pieces fall in place without admitting they used the technology. They totally omitted it yet were able get convictions so there must be something fishy going on. Overall, they should be fired for this. They are servants of justice and are also obligated to obey the just like everyone else.

Comment Re:Erm, the 3DS (Score 1) 559

The battery life isn't that bad. I can get at least 3-4 hours of life out if at a time. It can plug in to charge while using if need be. I totally agree with your opinion of the Wii, but you really should give the Wii-U a shot. The second screen is no gimmick. If you have a family, off-TV play is incredibly useful.

Comment Re:Kids. (Score 1) 92

Score of 5?! Spoken like someone who has no actual knowledge of the console. 1.) The Wii U only supports one new controller. The games themselves are only designed for one player to use the new controller at a time. 2.) All other players use the standard Wiimotes, the same that came with the original Wii.

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