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Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 1) 86

It will work because it's meant to pique your interest for the full fledged game on the their hardware. Nintendo are looking to increase their exposure and lure people to their system. It worked for Pokemon GO as pre-orders for Pokemon Sun/Moon were the highest Nintendo has seen for any title in their history.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 2) 377

Yes, it's stupid to replace the 3.5 jack with something more cumbersome to use. I use mine everyday at work to listen and charge at the same time and to also listen to music in my car as the bluetooth is bad for music. I also use both jacks to listen to music in bed at night and charge. So for me and my life examples, yes. I'd be less hostile if the replacement used common standards or didn't involve dongles, etc.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 334

As someone who started his career going to one of these places, I really take offense to your comment. These schools definitely bilked people, taking ANY applicants even though they said that they would test your aptitude first. It got way worse when they were able to get governement funding instead of just plain tuition. I took an MSCE class that barely anyone completed the ceritificate testing for. I was completely green and hadn't even worked in basic tech support. I busted my ass studying and getting hands-on, thinking it was my own lack of knowledge and scored higher than others even though I had no formal background in IT at all.. There was an older guy in the class who didn't know the difference between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer for christ's sake. My dad paid for the schooling and I felt obligated to make it work. Recently married, I also was on the verge of becoming a dad, so i felt even more pressure. So yes, while the basic idea of your comment is definitely true, you clearly don't realize the extent that these schools went to to take just about anybody. It's easy to assume self-entitled whelps are complaining because actual work is involved but there definitely was foul play as well. I got lucky in that my first job was for a fledgeling mortgage company with no servers (which I was really not for at that time), doing tech support and I was able to grow with them as they expanded with more branch offices, etc. The old me finishing school was in no way ready to be responsible for server/network equipment at that part of my life. But the school sure as hell set me up for that idea. And yes through hard work to learn the proper way to do things instead of hacks and through tons of googling, I've found success and have advanced.

Comment Re:On a semi-related note (Score 1) 124

As a managed service provider, we use Teamviewer constantly to support customers. It's a legitimate company offering quick remote services that's easy (for the end user) to install for quick temporary help. We also use Kaseya which offers a full feature client but the licensing is very expensive so we use that for clients who are willing to pay more for a support contract with 24x7 logging, patch management, etc..

Comment Re:it's been out one week. (Score 1) 129

Casual gaming is about the complexity of the games you enjoy. It's the engine, the controls, etc. all of that. That is also the dividing line of comparing smart phones/tablets to consoles. Yes you can play casual or complex games on both but the hardware usually lends to: Mobile/tablet = simpler games, Console/PC = complex. My mom may play the hell out of Candy Crush but is still considered a casual due to the complexity of the game she enjoys. I had her try my PS4 once and the number of buttons on the controller drove her away.

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