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Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score 2) 256

You're funny if you think Trump is working for middle America and not his rich buddies. Who do you think goes to Trump hotels, golf courses and country clubs? He's made tons of money servicing the rich. Why do do you think that would change when he became President? Because when it really comes down to it, it's the "haves" vs. the "have-nots" in this world. You see a man who promised to "drain the swamp" of corrupt politicians. I see a man taking out those corrupt politicians and replacing them with members of the business community that those corrupt politicians were working for. He's basically just cutting out the middleman.

Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 2) 256

New providers?! You've certainly haven't paid attention to all of those laws that ISP lobbyists have been working for in local government to stifle any new competition. They've done their best to block newcomers and have sliced up the pie enough to stay out of each others way. Now instead of growth, they just increase their current prices. This has been their plan for the past few decades. If you think more of the same will change things then you really need to educate yourself.

Comment no MDM for years (Score 2) 130

I worked with a school's IT as a consultant. The biggest issue is price for one (comparing Chromebooks and iPads) but another big issue is control. Apple for years never bothered with an MDM solution and schools needed to use expensive thriparty solutions. They've just this past year finally put out their own solution but its probably too late. Google with Chromebooks and G Suite/MDM are just a better solution. Google went after that market aggressively and it paid off.

Comment Re: Nah... (Score 1) 659

Moral compass needs tuning?! His actions, demeanor and attitude are exactly the same that he's shown all throughout his life. knee-jerk reactions, pettiness, narcissim, disrespectful: these are all terms that can be used throughout his whole public-facing life. I think you did indeed drink the kool-aid a while ago if you actually expected any different. This bilionaire who was envious to be a celebrity has spent over twenty years getting his face on TV or in the news in some shape or form.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Osborne Effect (Score 1) 136

Microsoft's XBox division and OS division are cannibalizing each other as I see it. And since Windows is paramount to Microsoft's overall sustainability, OS will always get the focus. They can try to sell both together as a strength but really, they are both competing for a gamer's attention. You can only play games on one at a time (for a single gamer obviously, I'm not including a family in this example). There's no defining reason to own an XBox if you are also an avid PC gamer. Cross-play makes it even more noticeable. In fact, if you compare all of the gaming outlets (PC, PS4, XBOne, Nintendo), XBOne is the weakest out of all of them based on strengths. PC has everything and if you are willing to pay for high grade hardware, the sky is the limit. Sony has a variety of exclusives and majority support, Nintendo has the greatest (in number and in quality for some titles) exclusives but not much else. XBOne is kinda... there. Even its exclusives are mostly in a single genre, primarily FPSes. If you go with a primary/secondary console to give yourself the a bigger overall selection to choose from, pairing any with the XBOne is not a great option for diversity.

Comment Re:Told ya so. (Score 1) 221

Um, yeah, considering the rumored price is $250-300 ish. That's less than the PS4 at its launch. You missed the part where I said this is a portable first system. You're looking at this like a standard console but portable is deifferent. In fact, portable is the only place Nintendo still rules uncontested, which is why this is portable focused.

Comment Re:Told ya so. (Score 1) 221

Their new system is a portable. That should have hit the point home that the new system would not be on par with PS4 horsepower. Also the "Switch" is more a successor to the portable DS/3DS, where they are still healthy. Nintendo may not say that as the 3DS and Pokemon are whats selling from them this holiday, but make no mistake. Nintendo is done with (traditional) home consoles. The Wii U was its worst selling console and they know they cant directly compete. The main console market (AAA, FPS, etc.) is not even their main target audience. It would be pointless and a waste of their resources to even try.

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