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Comment Re: Solution to laziness (Score 2) 113

An example: I was a front-end developer for the Wall Street Journal five years ago. The home page was a shifting multi-column stack of dozens of internal content modules (developed by different programmers) that had no awareness of each other (also often the case with the programmers), along with dynamic ads and an astounding amount of additional crud that included externally-sourced content like spammy Taboola and Outbrain links. To conserve bandwidth, the module containers triggered just-in-time content loading when the user scrolled down to within a certain number of pixels. There was effectively no way for any part of the page to know the position of any other part. Sure, I declared the sizes for images within my module, but it had no effect on the rest of the page.

Comment Somebody Else's Problem (Score 1) 1233

And as for American Football, it's just silly. You have 1 point, 2 points, 3 points and 6 points depending on what's done. And the stuff that scores 1 point CAN score 3 points and the one that usually scores 6 points can be 2 points instead. The only reason it makes sense is that you're used to it.

I suppose so. Now try to explain Cricket to an American. No, go ahead, I'll wait here.

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