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Comment Re:Patents as well (Score 3, Informative) 323

Not all universities make students and professors sign away their work. University of Waterloo policy is that the creators retain all rights, presumably because the university likes to brag about students who started companies based on work done in their research or as design projects. It's easier for students to form companies to brag about if you stay out of the way and let them do the heavy lifting if they want to. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find other schools with similar philosophies.

Comment Re:We still buy, but not from you. (Score 1) 375

Try looking around Bandcamp. They offer the option of buying all albums in FLAC. Pricing varies - artists set their prices with a set-your-price system for if you want to give more than the min price.

And hey, the ability to listen to complete albums as much as I felt like led to the purchases that I've made there. Funny that.

Comment Re:Tiling Window Manager (Score 1) 384

Nah, it's more a case of self-advertising as harder to use and less welcoming than the reality. A binary package is perfectly usable, it just doesn't have the benefits of customization. But those customizations through source code? You can actually manage quite a lot without understanding C. If editing a few string constants or following clear instructions about how to apply patches is too hard ... well, it's not for everyone and at least the suckless devs are upfront about that (better than getting a surprise "Won't Fix" from devs claiming to care about a wide audience).

I'm perfectly happy with dwm's lack of desktop icon support. Zero for me too.

Comment Re:Yes but Octave (Score 1) 334

Actually, you're probably best off dumping your data to text and then running gnuplot (or whatever plotting tool you prefer) separately. Octave has problems submiting to gnuplot that simply don't pop up when I use gnuplot directly or through a perl script (e.g. finding fonts when exporting to png which is what prompted me to try separating out plotting in the first place).

Comment Re:Yes but Octave (Score 1) 334

And this is a real problem ... how exactly? Using MATLAB for courses consisted almost entirely of writing scripts and typing a few commands into the prompt. (I presume that we did something involving the GUI at some point but it evidently wasn't memorable.) The only real benefit I gained from MATLAB having a GUI was that they implemented a better terminal than I'd expect to find otherwise on the uni's windows machines. I don't bother installing an octave GUI because it makes about as much sense as installing a GUI for ksh.

Comment Re:Honestly it all comes down to the extensions (Score 1) 282

Privoxy works just fine for me. I rather prefer having a browser-independent ad blocking solution. It's one less feature to worry about when 'shopping' around for browsers and as someone who uses more than one browser it means only having to manage one filter list, not two or four or whatever.

Comment Re:poor latin (Score 1) 337

Depends on the source. Knowing what I was looking for, I was able to find a listing of the whole conjugation table on wiktionary ( and another site that used the standard 4 forms for listing a latin verb (

After playing around a bit with your translator, it looks like it translates any first person present latin verb into the english infinitive. So the confusion is coming from a bad translation convention.

Comment Re:poor latin (Score 1) 337

Wrong part of the word. It's not the addition of the ad- prefix that people are complaining about. That's rather clearly modifying the meaning in a sensible way. The issue is that with the suffix -o, the verb is in the first person present indicative whereas they're translating it as the infinitive (which would have the -are suffix).

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